See Millie Bobby Brown Dancing In A Sexy Crop Top

Millie Bobby Brown went with a studded black crop top to enjoy a night out dancing.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most interesting modern celebrities because audiences are still learning who she really is when the cameras aren’t rolling. For example, she shot to fame for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, a show where her character wields amazing psychic abilities but often keeps her emotions and personality well-guarded. It’s easy to think that Brown is the same as her character Eleven … until, of course, you see her dancing in a sexy crop top with a head full of hair.

Normally, when actors are described as “almost unrecognizable,” it simply means they got a new haircut or decided to try a new clothing style. However, if you mostly know Millie Bobby Brown from watching her on Stranger Things, you may not recognize the carefree girl jamming out in this photo. Instead of a thin film of hair and bulky layers of clothing, the Brown in this image has some truly luxurious locks and seems to have ditched the layering for a new sartorial approach: wearing very little clothing at all.

And it’s tough not to smile at the look on Millie Bobby Brown’s face, a look that is somewhere between a smirk and a pout. In short, this is the look of a woman who is really feeling herself and is enjoying supreme confidence in her dance moves. We certainly hope the actor feels this way more often than not, but it’s particularly rewarding seeing how happy she is to be celebrating her birthday.

Whereas some stars go for lengthy captions for their Instagram posts, Millie Bobby Brown is a woman of few words. In fact, her caption had precisely two words: “howdy 19,” followed immediately by a bow emoji. Her message is short and to the point, but it also highlights the slightly awkward fact that we have effectively seen Brown grow up onscreen.

Millie Bobby Brown Enola Holmes 2

Stranger Things premiered in 2016, and Millie Bobby Brown was only 12 when production wrapped on that first season. When it came to acting like a frightened and confused preteen, she didn’t have to stretch her acting chops that much. Now, we’re happy to report that any fright and confusion have melted away in the face of a young star who is having a moment and isn’t afraid to enjoy it.

In this case, enjoying the moment means wearing a sexy crop top and dancing the night away at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles. Look closely and you’ll notice a large tattoo on her right arm that is either new or temporary (Millie Bobby Brown has rocked temporary ink before). But look even closer at her wrist, and you’ll see Eleven’s iconic Stranger Things tattoo that Brown had permanently etched on her body as a reminder of the character who made her famous.

If you’re a big fan of Millie Bobby Brown, you don’t have to wait for her next sexy Instagram post to see more of her. In addition to starring in the eventual fifth season of Stranger Things, the star has several exciting upcoming projects, including The Electric State (a movie where she will travel America’s western landscape alongside a robot) and The Girls I’ve Been (where she brings an accomplished con artist to life). Until then, you’ll have to settle for these sexy pics, and if they end up making your own nose bleed, we’ll tell everyone you were using psychic powers and not just doing your best impression of a horny anime character.

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