Top 5 Times Millie Bobby Brown Showed A Ton Of Skin

Millie Bobby Brown has shown a lot of skin on camera, whether it's for her business or just having fun.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

millie bobby brown

The world adored Millie Bobby Brown from the start. She broke out as Eleven on Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things in 2016, and seven years later, she is all grown up. The actress is engaged to be married and runs a successful makeup company that, as covered by Delish, just added coffee to the lineup.

She has starred in the Godzilla franchise, Netflix’s Enola Holmes, and helped make Stranger Things one of the biggest successes in streaming history. Millie Bobby Brown shows out on Instagram when she is not acting in mega-hits or running her businesses. Below are the top five times Millie Bobby Brown has shown some skin on social media.

5. Millie Bobby Brown Posing With Only Flowers As A Top

A Florence By Mills collaboration, this photo sees Millie Bobby Brown getting artistic and showing skin in the process. With a bouquet of wildflowers stuffed into her waistband, the plant life is the only thing covering her torso.

This shot was taken to promote Brown’s lip and cheek balms. A second look shows that her lips and cheeks shimmer in the daylight like dew during sunrise. Not only is she beautiful, but she encourages Florence By Mills patrons to tag her in their selfies so she can see how beautiful they are, too.

4. Millie Bobby Brown Partying In A Crop Top

This next post, also straight from Millie Bobby Brown, shows off the fun-loving side of the actress. The photo compilation is captioned “life lately,” and it shows just that. From backseat glamor to brushing her teeth to partying in a crop top, this post shows Brown’s range.

She can be cute as a button with her oversized Nirvana shirt pulled up over the back of her head, or she can turn heads during a night out with her black, jewel-encrusted mini skirt and top. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, Millie Bobby Brown has a look to charm whoever sees her.

3. Millie Bobby Brown Dancing In A Sexy Crop Top

This post gives an even better look at the crop top fit as Millie Bobby Brown gets her 70s groove on. She dances in the revealing outfit among a crowd of partygoers as she rings in her 19th year.

Duck face on and hands up, Millie Bobby Brown dances her heart out beneath the lights of the disco ball. This shot conjures images of the actress in a pulpy 1970s throwback movie. Until then, this photo will do.

2. Millie Bobby Brown Shows Off Her Skin In Fluffy Low-Cut Dress

Next is a model shot for the ages. This post from the actress’s Instagram account is a collaboration with her makeup company, Florence By Mills. Here, Millie Bobby Brown models her pink Eye Candy eye shadow in front of a bubble gum-colored wall. She stretches out in a fluffy low-cut dress that leaves her arms and chest bare. It is a classic shot of the actress that accentuates her beauty, maturity, and confidence.

1. Millie Bobby Brown Bares It All In Revealing Bikini And Sheer Cover

Millie Bobby Brown bares it all in an adorable fish face while sporting an itsy bitsy white bikini and a sheer cover draped over her toned body. She jumps into the selfie taken by her now fiance, Jake Bongiovi. Brown announced her engagement to Bongiovi, the son of Jon Bon Jovi, this past April.

Jon Bon Jovi, Millie Bobby Brown’s soon-to-be father-in-law, has spoken out in support of the young couple, and seeing them being this happy together, it’s easy to see why.

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