How Tall Is Finn Wolfhard? His Age, Height, And Origin

Right now, according to most sources, Finn Wolfhard stands 5 foot 10 inches (5’10”). There’s some chance he ends up hitting an even 6 feet before it’s all said and done.

By David Harrison | Published

Finn Wolfhard is one of the stars of Stranger Things. He plays Mike Wheeler on the show which also stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp. And perhaps more than any other cast member, he’s gone through a lot of changes as he has grown older. And of course, with any celebrity, there are questions about Finn Wolfhard’s age, height, and overall background.

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about Finn Wolfhard, the Stranger Things star who is starting to branch out beyond the show.


As mentioned, this has become another hot-button topic for Stranger Things fans, seeing as how the characters in the series aren’t on the same age curve as those who play them in real life.

The series, from a plot perspective, couldn’t skip ahead two years in the timeline and still make even a little bit of sense. Because of that, they’ve had to mess around some with how these characters grow up. Along these lines, Finn Wolfhard was born on December 23, 2002.

Why is this a bit weird? Well, his character Mike is only 15 during the events of Stranger Things Season 4. This means there’s a whole four years with Finn Wolfhard’s age gap between the character and the actor.

This stands out on screen and is always the risk in revolving a show around younger characters. They will do the most growing and changing in these years, making Finn Wolfhard’s age even more problematic.


Finn Wolfhard is from Vancouver, Canada originally, and really only started acting on a serious level in 2014 when he had a very small role in the television series The 100. He then appeared in one episode of Supernatural before landing the Stranger Things gig.

But though he was raised and initially grew up in Vancouver, it’s easy to see why and how he was able to break into show business. His father Eric had been a screenwriter and his brother Nick is also in the business. The latter has had extensive voice acting work in series like The Last Kids on Earth, Beyblade Burst, and World Trigger among others.


finn wolfhard height finn wolfhard age

Right now, according to most sources, Finn Wolfhard stands 5 foot 10 inches (5’10”). There’s some chance he ends up hitting an even six feet before it’s all said and done. The actor certainly looks like he could sprout another couple of inches. And there’s some chance, based on Finn Wolfhard’s age, that he isn’t done growing quite yet.

By contrast, how does Finn Wolfhard’s height compare to some of his other Stranger Things running mates? Well, this is where things get interesting since not everyone in the show has been on the same growth spurt trajectory as Wolfhard.


finn wolfhard height

The Stranger Things cast is a bit all over the place with their respective heights. For starters, Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin is only 5’5”, a full five inches shorter than Finn.

And then there is Caleb McLaughlin who plays Lucas. Remember how he’s getting his shot at basketball stardom on the Hawkins team? Well, his height is a bit more in line with that role seeing as how he’s 5’8”.

And what about Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, someone who we can easily compare to Finn Wolfhard’s height because they spend so much time together at the beginning? Well, he’s 5’9”, so only an inch off. Something that definitely shows up on-screen.

Finally, there’s Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Mike Wheeler’s love interest. Notice anything different between hers and Finn Wolfhard’s height on the show? She is 5’3”, or a full seven inches shorter than Finn Wolfhard. 

finn wolfhard height
The Stranger Things kids aren’t the height they appear to be

Anyone who tuned in to this season of Strangers Things likely said something similar early in the first episode. And it was some combination of, “Man, Finn Wolfhard got really tall” or “Man, Finn Wolfhard looks like he really aged.”

Taking an extended break from a television series that involved preteens and teenagers can often be tricky business, especially where timelines are concerned because the nature of growing up means that the biggest physical changes can happen in these years. And that can really make a show difficult, leading to all kinds of questions about Finn Wolfhard’s age and height.

When we last left Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, and company, they were still kind of kids and when things picked back up they were, well, kind of adults. It’s why questions about Finn Wolfhard’s height and Finn Wolfhard’s age become must-knows for fans. Things just look a lot different than they did in Stranger Things Season 3. Such is the nature of these kinds of productions. 


finn wolfhard height finn wolfhard agefinn wolfhard height

When Stranger Things first came on Netflix all the way back in 2016, we were treated to a story about four best friends playing Dungeons & Dragons while just trying to navigate the ins and outs of middle school (and the Upside Down).

The actors were all unknowns at that point, with the show thrusting them into superstardom. The four leads: Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp combined with the star turn by Millie Bobby Brown were some of the main reasons the show worked so well.

At the time, Finn Wolfhard was 13 years old and fairly diminutive in terms of height. Again, this was a younger kid, something the show needed to establish when it was making its bones with the first season. 

But years later, things have clearly changed here, which makes sense considering the show’s story has only spanned three years while Finn Wolfhard has aged six in that timeframe.

We are dealing with odd timelines, something fans of the show can’t help but notice, especially with the way Stranger Things Season 4 is played out. Just look back at his character at the roller-skating rink in “Chapter 2: Vecna’s Curse” to see what I mean. There’s something that just stands out with how the characters move and interact.

Seeing as how this isn’t the final season of Stranger Things, we are likely in for another round of questions surrounding Finn Wolfhard’s age and height before it’s all said and done.