Matthew McConaughey Facing Backlash And Outrage After Incendiary Comments

By Faith McKay | 6 months ago

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey went on Russell Brand’s podcast, Under the Skin, and suggested the Hollywood elite “illiberal” left need to meet in the middle with Republicans in denial over the election results. On the surface, his comments called for both political sides to come together. The resulting public conversation has taken a different tact.  

Alright, alright, alright. What did Matthew McConaughey say exactly? Here it is…

“There are a lot [of people] on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards the other 50 percent.”

– -Matthew McConaughey

Perhaps calling a group of people arrogant hypocrites wasn’t the best way to persuade them to his point of view. 

Was he aware how divisive his statements would become? Is he unaware that his statements were not unifying, but instead divisive in a different way? Matthew McConaughey added, “I almost feel like it’s a move to say, ‘Let’s get aggressively centric. I dare you.’” (He likely meant to say “centrist”, and many on social media are quoting him that way instead.) 

matthew mcconaughey

Who is Matthew McConaughey trying to reach with this commentary? Was he striving to relate to the republicans, currently struggling with the election results? He did follow this conversation up with one on economic growth in Austin, Texas. He has recently made it known that he may be into the idea of running for Governor of Texas. 

Was he truly striving to reach the liberals he has offended? Was he innocently calling them to be sympathetic toward republicans? Matthew McConaughey has said that the people must come together and that elected officials can’t do it for us. It’s unclear then what he believes he, as a governor, would do for the people.

Twitter has a reputation for being a place for divisive conversations. Some have thrown in their critical examinations of why Matthew McConaughey’s statements are offensive to many.

Others have defended the right to be condescending in certain situations.

Others would like us to stop talking about Matthew McConaughey.

Others are accusing him of being a secret member of the alt-right…

Many seem to want to ruin his career and spew hate…

The actor doesn’t seem to want people to stop talking about him. In fact, he is talking about a wide range of topics these days. Fans of Matthew McConaughey may have a hard time keeping up with everything he is trying to do.


In October, he released a memoir. Then, he went on Red Table Talk with his mom to discuss his life, promote his memoir, and share surprising stories. He’s been interviewed about his at-home manicure habits, which apparently take a full 45 minutes. He’s discussing his past movie roles and defending his onscreen kissing skills. Should he be a standup comedian? He thinks that idea sounds like “the ultimate buzz”. But maybe he’ll be busy, running for Governor of Texas

Has Matthew McConaughey gotten quarantine bored? Is he not sure what he wants to be when he grows up? Is this the 51-year-old actor’s midlife crisis? What secret ambition will he reveal to us next?