David Zaslav’s Super Rich Friends Are Mourning There Aren’t More Megayachts At Cannes

A friend attending David Zaslav's party during the Cannes Film Festival noted that a lack of megayachts in the harbor was a sign of a recession.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht in The Wolf of Wall Street

Well, folks. It’s official. According to some of David Zaslav’s rich buddies, we have formally entered a recession, and the proof is in the megayachts. In a tweet that’s currently circulating Twitter, a screenshot of a recent Wall Street Journal article shows that one of Zaslav’s billionaire friends is mourning the fact that there aren’t more megayachts visible at the Cannes Festival and is taking this as a sign that the economy is in bad shape.

In the screenshot, the WSJ quotes a guest at David Zaslav’s Cannes party who said, “This is what a recession looks like,” as he indicated the fact that there were only two gigantic multi-million dollar boats visible in the harbor, whereas in the past there apparently used to be at least 20.

The screenshot was shared by Twitter user Eric Haywood, who is a television writer and producer known for his work in Manifest, Four of Hearts, and Empire, who is currently active in the ongoing writers’ strike for the Writers Guild of America. Sharing the screenshot, he captioned the post with a snarky, “WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE MEGAYACHTS,” written in all caps for an extra bit of dramatic flare.

Now for most people, it didn’t take the disappearance of a few megayachts for us to figure out that the current economic climate is nothing like it used to be, but apparently, David Zazlav’s friends are a little out of touch. Still, there were quite a few comments on Haywood’s post that seemed to share the same sentiments as Zazlav’s party guest. Twitter user @MoRyan even admitted that she’s had to downgrade from a megayacht to a superyacht because of the trying times—obviously, Haywood asked her for her GoFundMe so that she may receive the assistance she needs to get back on her feet.

It’s been a tumultuous year for David Zaslav. The Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and multi-millionaire (who has a net worth of approximately $71 million) has been receiving a lot of flack since deciding to cancel tons of movies and shows last year in order to boost the company revenue, many of which were completed or close to completion, like Batgirl and Scooby Doo: Holiday Haunt. He became even more controversial when he made a public statement about how out of the dozens of shows he canned, none of them were worth saving, essentially dissing the countless talent, artists, and workers who had dedicated their time to making these works of cinematic art.

warner bros discovery david zaslav
David Zaslav

Now, David Zaslav has to deal with the writers’ strike, which has been shutting down Hollywood for the past few weeks. Members of the WGA are refusing to work until they can sit down with the Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and other executives and arrange terms that secure fair pay, better residuals, and assurance against the rise of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it seems that the WGA doesn’t understand what Zaslav is going through right now—after all, he only has two megayachts flanking the harbor at his party, instead of the 20 that used to be there. Times are tough for everyone at the moment.