Brie Larson Stuns In A Low-Cut Top In Latest Post About Surprising Desserts

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie Larson has proved once again that she can make anything look good. The 32-year-old Captain Marvel alumni has already shown that even when a studio attempts to tone down its female superhero’s sex appeal, Larson can find a way to make it attractive. To further the point, Larson took to Instagram last night to once again prove that she can make anything look good.

See the sugary goodness for yourself below:

“When the dessert takes you by surprise…” penned the Room actress for her 6.8 million followers last night on Instagram. The photos posted by Brie Larson showed the actress sitting down to enjoy a sweet treat with a fruit bar. While the first photo depicts The Marvels star enjoying her first bite and likely pondering whether or not the dessert fits into her diet, the second photo shows her reaction as the tartness kicks in.

While the social media post was likely just the young starlets’ attempt at sharing her goofier side, the 526 thousand likes and over 1,400 comments likely also came from fans appreciating the glamour that surrounds Brie Larson–even when she’s seemingly not trying to make an effort. Rocking a low-cut tan top and little to no makeup, Larson’s personality shines bright in her post. 

When the iconic “Warbird” isn’t taking time out of her busy schedule to share some selfies with her fans, she’s been busy the last few months working on the sequel to the film which saw her take on her biggest role yet as Captain Marvel. While appearing in various films as a teenager, it was her adaptation of a young woman held hostage in 2015’s Room that not only earned Brie Larson an Academy Award for best actress but also caught the attention of Marvel Studios. Acting as the first female lead in Captain Marvel, Larson and Marvel were met with plenty of mixed reviews for the film, but that hasn’t stopped the committed young actress from pushing forward as one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other than showing off her choice of confections, Brie Larson often takes to her Instagram to flaunt her flawless physique and workout routines. As her superhero role surely requires her to keep in prime shape, Larson has been very open in the past about her strict diet. Detailing just how the 32-year-old manages to stay in tip-top form, Larson once opened up about how she trained her body to prepare for her role in Captain Marvel. Speaking with Elle Australia, The Marvels star detailed her journey to become more like Carol Danvers–even discussing how her strict meal plan from nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia included balance and allowing herself to sneak the occasional sweet treat. 

It’s likely Brie Larson is still following a strict diet for the filming of The Marvels. Obviously, her last diet plan for Captain Marvel worked just fine, and it’s great to see the young Hollywood star looking both healthy and happy. While fans won’t get to see her as Carol Danvers until February of 2023, we can look forward to more delicacy’s displayed on her socials, and feel a little more like the star knowing she (sometimes) eats just like us.