See The Bodycam Footage Of Amber Heard’s Alleged Domestic Abuse Released In Court

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

amber heard

A pivotal moment occurred in the courtroom during the defamation trial that is ongoing between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Two LAPD officers were brought in to testify, specifically on an incident that took place on May 21, 2016. Heard claimed that this was the night in which Depp beat her and was the event that subsequently led to their divorce. The two officers reported to the scene, after they had been called a second time, and were told it was a situation of domestic abuse. However, one of the officers on the scene, Officer William Gaitlin, claimed that he did not see “any verifiable injuries to her.” On top of the officer’s testimony, bodycam footage of the incident was shown to the courtroom. You can see this footage below:

The bodycam footage seems to show an unnamed man answering the door, and speaking to the officers on the scene about what had transpired. The officers enter the apartment to ensure that everyone is ok, and Amber Heard is shown in the dark on the couch. She claims that everything is ok, and she does not need any medical assistance or any other assistance from the officers on the scene. The officers also ask, “Is Johnny here?” to which the unnamed man responds “he is definitely not here.” The officers then left the apartment. The testimony by Officer Gaitlin was that Heard had no injuries at the time of this call.

Another officer that was on the scene during the 911 call, was Officer Tyler Hadden, who also corroborated the report that Amber Heard had no injuries. According to Hadden’s testimony, “After discussing the investigation with my partner at the scene, Miss Heard refused any medical treatment and had no visible injuries.” Heard’s lawyers began their cross-examination, asking the officers on the scene why they did not ask Heard to step into better lighting so that they could examine her further. Her lawyers also questioned why there had been no filed police report taken by either officer. The man who answered the door had apparently only given the officers a business card and sent them on their way. Heard’s lawyer argued the officers had not followed proper procedure, as they had only written on the card that they had been given the verbal “ok” that she was not hurt or in any danger.

A front desk worker, who was at the apartment building when the incident took place, was also brought in to testify. The man’s name is Alejandro Romero, and he also claimed that he saw no visible injuries on Amber Heard. During the cross-examination by her legal team, they asked many questions about if Romero could recall Heard wearing makeup, or any other important defining factors of her appearance. He claimed to not recall.

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is said to take up to six weeks, with a small break coming in the second week of May. The next witness to be brought in is a CAA rep named Christian Carino, who is meant to speak on Depp being fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot due to the allegations of domestic abuse. This trial will undoubtedly get even wilder.