Four-Year-Old Sci-Fi Fan’s Family Gives Him A Moving Star Wars Funeral

Star WarsYou haven’t cried enough today. We’re about to fix that.

A few months ago, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith sent an adorable personalized video to one of his biggest fans, a four-year named Jack Robinson who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And because a four-year old kid is way braver and more ambitious than most of us can ever hope to be, Jack set out to accomplish everything on his rather extensive bucket list. Though he recently lost his fight, Jack’s parents made sure that the last item on his got checked of by throwing him the most out of this world Star Wars-themed funeral you can imagine.


Benedict Cumberbatch Denies He’s In Either Star Wars: Episode VII Or Doctor Who

benedict-cumberbatchOne of the most persistent casting rumors surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII has been that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will play some role in the film. This notion first began circulating back in September of last year. Though he’s denied any involvement, given that whole, “I’m not Khan” thing from Star Trek Into Darkness, people have been reluctant to let the matter drop. So again, the actor has gone ahead and stated explicitly that he will not appear in Episode VII. And because he was in mood to take care of business, he also set the record straight on his participation in Doctor Who.

Reports were that Cumberbatch would have a very small role in director J.J. Abrams’ new foray into that galaxy far, far away, but that the part would grow and expand in Episode VIII and Episode IX. And while he very well may have talked to Abrams and the folks at Disney and Lucasfilm at some point, it sounds like so have half of the working actors in Hollywood.


Paul McGann Doesn’t Expect Another Return To Doctor Who

McGannOne of the best parts of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebrations last year was the unexpected return of a Doctor few expected ever to see on their TV screens again. The Night of the Doctor minisode not only gave fans something they’d been clamoring to see — the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration — but it set up the Day of the Doctor special and gave actor Paul McGann one more chance to step into the time lord’s shoes. But as well received as McGann’s surprise return was, he’s not holding out hope that he’ll ever return to the role again.

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, McGann is honest and pragmatic about the fact that, while he enjoyed getting to play the Doctor again, it was the first time anyone from Doctor Who had invited him back to be a part of the show, and he doesn’t expect that to change going forward. McGann says:


The Daleks Invade Everything In These Mashup Posters

kaled-bunchThe Daleks have been the thorn in the side of the Doctor throughout his five decades of adventures through time and space. No matter how many times he defeats them, the shout-y homicidal pepper pots just keep coming back. No matter how many outlandish schemes the Doctor lays low, they’ve always got another one on the drawing board. Frankly, it has got to be exhausting, because it’s not like the Daleks are the only trouble-makers the beleaguered time lord has to deal with. Just last week the Ice Warriors tried to convert the Earth’s entire water supply into ice-9! Did anybody send the Doctor a thank-you email for that? Not bloody likely. So yes, he’s oh so sorry that he hasn’t had time to stop the Daleks’ latest master plan to invade like every movie ever made, at least in poster form, a nefarious ploy to…I don’t know…give poster collectors a migraine or something. Seriously, people, the guy’s over 900 years old, can’t he take a couple weeks vacation every now and then?


R.I.P. Doctor Who’s Kate O’Mara And Director Derek Martinus

kate o'maraThere is never any joy that comes with speaking about death, and this past week saw the loss of two TV greats, one just a tad more recognizable than the other. British television director Derek Martinus died on Thursday at the age of 82 due to complications with Alzheimer’s, which he’d had for years. British actress Kate O’Mara died Sunday morning at 74 of an undisclosed illness. It’s something of a coincidence that both of them are tied to the sci-fi world through Doctor Who, and their combined involvement with the series spans five Time Lords.

O’Mara showed off her evil side as the villainous Rani in two serials, “The Mark of the Rain” with Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor, and “Time and the Rani,” with Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh incarnation. She perhaps would have been in more had the series not been cancelled when it did. The Rani remains a memorable villain both for O’Mara’s performance and because she was a renegade Time Lord, a scientist whose evil-doings were based most in science, like a MacGyver with a chemistry kit. She also appeared in the 30-year anniversary special in 1993. Witness her evil below.


Ghostbusters, Mr. Hyde, Godzilla, And More Glow In The Dark For Fantastic Gallery Exhibit

slimer ghostbustersI spend roughly 24 hours of every day wishing that I had unlimited funds to spend on whatever I want, and rarely does that feeling get more intense than when I start looking at photo galleries of pop culture-related art. The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY is currently featuring one of the sweetest exhibits I’ve ever seen with “When the Lights Go Out 2,” which started on March 22 and runs through April 9. While it won’t actually add to your enjoyment to turn out the lights while you look at these on a computer or phone, it might make you feel more like a part of the exhibit itself.

Not only do these pieces in this collection depict a wide range of amazing work dedicated to film and TV, but they all glow in the dark. Some use this to great effect and change the image completely. I don’t think I have to tell you what glows in the picture above, titled “He’s an Ugly Lil’ Spud” from artist Mark Lone. For such a dumb ghost, Slimer sure is…bright.

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