Doctor Who Classic Episodes Are All Free To Watch Right Now

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

The Doctor Who 60th anniversary is right around the corner, with the first episode dropping on November 25. This special pits the iconic BBC protagonist against a vintage villain (the Celestial Toymaker) who hasn’t been onscreen in a whopping 57 years. His return has many NuWho fans curious about classic episodes, and if that sounds like you, here’s some great news: the free, ad-supported streaming site Tubi now has over 600 episodes of Doctor Who Classic for you to enjoy.

Classic Who Episodes Now Streaming Free On Tubi

If you love movies and TV shows and you’re not familiar with Tubi, then we recommend you drop that Sonic Screwdriver replicator and download the app immediately. Even before the streamer added decades of Doctor Who Classic episodes, we fell in love with Tubi because it never charged us any money, allowing us to watch plenty of great movies and shows (its selection of sci-fi, horror, and anime is particularly impressive). Hell, you don’t even have to register an account to use Tubi, though the free registration does offer some convenient features, including access to your viewing history and the ability to create a queue of films and shows to watch.

Start With The First Episode From 1963

In other words, we love Tubi like the 11th Doctor loves bowties, but the streamer went the extra mile when releasing these hundreds of Doctor Who Classic episodes. For those who have fond memories of these vintage episodes or younger fans who want to dive straight into the deep end, it’s possible to start with the First Doctor’s 1963 episodes and go from there. If you like what you see, then binge-watching all 600+ episodes will keep you busy for many months (a great option for fans who have grown impatient waiting for a new season to drop).

A Convenient New To Who Section

On the other hand, we wouldn’t blame even the most hardcore NuWho fans if they consider the prospect of diving into 60 years of Doctor Who Classic episodes to be more than a little intimidating. Tubi knows how they feel, and that’s why the streamer offers a convenient “New To Who” section that features some of the best episodes featuring the first seven Doctors. This curated list of killer eps would be great enough on its own, but it also helps introduce fans new and old to some of the franchise’s most iconic bad guys, including the Daleks and the Cybermen.

The Lost Episodes

Tubi really went all-out here: the collection of Doctor Who Classic episodes also includes some of the animated episodes that bring to life older adventures that were otherwise lost to time (a nice way of saying the BBC taped over them back in the day). Honestly, the only “downside” to what Tubi has to offer is that after watching enough of these vintage episodes, you’ll probably want to watch some of the newer adventures featuring fan-favorite actors like David Tennant. In that case, you’ll have to subscribe to Max to watch current episodes. 

New Doctor Who Will Stream On Disney+

In order to stream the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary episodes as well as the upcoming season featuring Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor, you’ll need to subscribe to Disney+. We have to admit that it’s annoying that fans will need two different paid subscriptions in order to experience NuWho in all of its “mad man in a box” glory. Fortunately, Tubi has ensured that we can watch 60 years of Classic episodes at no cost whatsoever; that leaves plenty of money to buy some Jelly Babies to snack on while streaming.