Doctor Who Crossing Over With 30-Year-Old Mega-Franchise

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Doctor Who fans are getting plenty of top-notch content this year, including the new Magic: The Gathering. IGN recently revealed an exclusive sneak peek into three out of five cards included in the Secret Lair x Doctor Who: Regeneration Drop. This collaboration is dedicated to the 60th-anniversary specials of the series, and it’s evident with the different cards that have been introduced so far.

Magic The Gathering – The Fourtheenth Doctor Card

The first of the Doctor Who cards that was previewed was the card featuring the Fourteenth Doctor, who is played by David Tennant. Tennant’s Doctor has a unique element that allows players to include all Doctors in the same deck, which wouldn’t have been allowed previously due to the color identity rules of Commander. The Fourteenth Doctor enables players to place Doctors in their graveyard, and the Fourteenth Doctor can then enter the game as a copy of any of them, which fans of the TV series will appreciate as it incorporates the Doctor’s regeneration feature.

The Rose Noble Card

It’s worth noting that the Fourteenth Doctor card and the rest of the Doctor Who cards will be legal in various Magic the Gathering formats, including Commander, Vintage, Legacy, and Oathbreaker. The second preview card unveiled for the collaboration was Rose Noble, who fans recently met in the episode “The Star Beast” in the 60th-anniversary specials. Rose, the daughter of Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble, has the unique ability to provide card advantage to players who have numerous cards related to the Doctor or the Doctor’s companions. 

The Celestial Toymaker Card

Finally, the third preview unveiled for the Doctor Who collaboration is the Celestial Toymaker, who will be played by Neil Patrick Harris in the upcoming final special episode “The Giggle.” The Celestial Toymaker is a commander that is focused on guessing and grouping cards, making it a unique addition to the Doctor set. It is also the first Esper creature in the crossover, which means more deckbuilding possibilities for those wanting a Doctor-themed deck.

More Cards Coming Soon

The Doctor Who Regeneration Drop will be part of the ongoing Secret Lair Secretversary Superdrop, with sales expected to commence on December 11. There are still two cards that will presumably be revealed soon. It’s possible that these cards won’t be unveiled until after the final 60th anniversary episode, where David Tennant’s tenure as the Fourteenth Doctor comes to an end and Ncuti Gatwa takes over as the Fifteenth Doctor.

It would make sense if the remaining two cards in the Doctor Who and Magic: The Gathering collaboration ended up being Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor and his companion, Ruby Sunday. However, that remains to be seen, and we will likely just have to wait for the collaboration to come out before we find out. In the meantime, there are numerous Doctor Who specials to check out.

Doctor Who Anniversary Specials Streaming On Disney+

The first two of the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials are currently available to stream. The final 60th-anniversary episode will be hitting on December 9. After that, we can look forward to the return of the Christmas special and the full-episode debut of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor.