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morgan freeman

The Four Best Morgan Freeman Movies Streaming On Netflix

When it comes to the great Morgan Freeman, Netflix is one of the best places to catch up with the …

8 months ago

Netflix’s Zombie Movie Section Is The Streamer’s Secret Gem

Needing a little fright for a Friday night? Or maybe a laugh? Well, there’s a Netflix category for that. The …

8 months ago

starship troopers

Netflix’s Secret Campy Movies Section Has The Streamer’s Silliest Flicks

Sometimes you need just a little silliness on a movie night, flicks that just don’t take themselves seriously really at …

8 months ago

The Best Movies That Revolve Around Car Chases

Great car chases are a hallmark of cinema. Stunt drivers from around the world have been burning rubber for the …

8 months ago

al pacino

The Best Movies Where The Hero Dies In A Hail Of Bullets

Most movies have happy endings, but some of the greatest movies conclude with tragedy. Whether justice is served or a …

8 months ago

National Tragedies That Need Big-Budget Movies

Throughout the history of time, our world has been beset with countless tragedies. From natural disasters to man-made disasters to …

8 months ago

Best Movies About Wrestling

Movies and series about wrestling, whether it be professional or amateur, are few and far between. Even during the glory …

8 months ago

Best Netflix Movies For Hostage Situations

Hostage situations are no laughing matter, but sometimes you can’t help but want to fire up Netflix to watch a …

8 months ago

Best Fighting Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

Let’s be honest here. The most classic mainstream fighting movies have men as the leads (even on Netflix). They are …

8 months ago

star trek shaw

Star Trek Franchise’s Most Devastating Deaths 

The hit film Barbie recently featured its titular protagonist asking “do you guys ever think about dying,” and this is …

8 months ago

independence day aliens ufo area 51

The Scariest UFO Movies Ever Made

UFO movies have always held a certain fascination with audiences. They not only ask the question “Are we alone?” but …

9 months ago

The Most Confusing Movies Ever Made

Escapism is the name of the game when going to the movies. Getting away from it all for a couple …

9 months ago

Best Movies Where Aliens Crash-Land In People’s Yards

Aliens have come to Earth in many movies. Sometimes they invade us, sometimes they warn us, and other times, they crash …

9 months ago

What Was Disney’s First R-Rated Movie?

Down and Out in Beverly Hills was Disney’s first R-rated movie.

9 months ago

chronicles of narnia

Fantasy Movies That Would Make Great Musicals

It used to be that if a play or musical on Broadway or the West End were deemed exceptionally good …

9 months ago

zac efron

The Best Movies About Serial Killers On Netflix

What is it with serial killer movies about that makes them so fascinating? Surveys across the United States have shown …

9 months ago

best animated movies akira

The Best Animated 80s Movies That Weren’t From Disney

The decade of the ‘80s was an amazing time in the history of animation, seeing numerous animated movies that did …

9 months ago

Disaster Movies With Ridiculously Huge Waves And Tsunamis

There is something about a good disaster flick that gets the mind racing. Earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, you name it, …

9 months ago

The Best Stephen King Movie Adaptations, Ranked

Best-selling author Stephen King has been titillating his “Constant Readers” for nearly five decades with horrific tales of vampires, ghosts, …

9 months ago

teenage mutant ninja turtles

Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, Ranked

Hey dude, this is no cartoon. Since 1990, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been more than comic book characters …

9 months ago

Action Films That Would Make Great Musicals

Historically speaking, action movies and musicals have always been mutually exclusive. But what if that changed? What if we woke …

9 months ago

halloween kills

Every Film In The Halloween Franchise, Ranked

Before the advent of Freddy Krueger’s nightmarish hauntings and Jason Vorhees’ brutal onslaughts, it was Michael Myers who introduced fear …

9 months ago

Best Shark Movies To Watch Before Seeing Jason Statham In Meg 2

We are barely a month into the summer season which has families looking for an answer to the heat. Many …

9 months ago

Amber Heard
Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale’s Best Movie Scenes

Though Kate Beckinsale can most recently be seen stealing the show in Charlie Day’s directorial debut, Fool’s Paradise, the actress …

9 months ago


Best Horror Movies On Netflix With Sexy Female Leads

Sexy female leads show up in the best and worst horror movies, with the familiar trope of the “final girl” …

9 months ago

evan peters

Evan Peters’ Best Movies & TV Shows: Ranking His Top Work

During Evan Peters’ nearly 20-year career, he has shown he can tackle just about any movie and TV show genre …

9 months ago

The Most Predictable Scary Movies That We Still Love To Watch

Scary movies are an essential corner of the viewing experience, with many viewers flocking to the terrifying tales to get …

9 months ago

anne heche

Anne Heche’s Best Movies Listed And Ranked

It has been almost one year since the unfortunate and tragic death of actress Anne Heche. In a career that …

9 months ago

denzel washington

Denzel Washington’s Best Movies Ranked

Denzel Washington is arguably the greatest actor of his generation and one of the best to ever grace the big …

9 months ago