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Every Resident Evil Movie, Ranked

Resident Evil is the longest-running series of video game films, and we’ve ranked all of them.

3 months ago

5 Great Hugh Jackman Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Hugh Jackman’s best movies to stream on Netflix include a drama, a fairy tale, and even a musical.

4 months ago

The Best Speeches In Movie History

Movies are often celebrated for their lasting images, but with the dawn of the Sound Era, the form became an …

4 months ago

8 Sci-Fi Villains Perfect For Star Trek 

Here are 8 sci-fi villains who aren’t in Star Trek, but would work amazingly in the franchise.

4 months ago

star wars plot holes
indiana jones

10 Movie And TV Characters That Need Animated Remakes

From Indiana Jones to Harry Potter, these beloved characters would work great in animated remakes.

4 months ago

Funniest Movie Scenes Ever Filmed

Comedy is an acquired taste. Some love the slapstick genre, while others like screwball (yes, there is a difference). Then …

4 months ago

3 Times An Author Absolutely Hated The Movie Adaptation Of Their Work

It has often times been said that the book is better than the movie. Of course, if you ask the …

4 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix If You Root For The Sports Underdog

The best sports movies on Netflix include Rocky and Friday Night Lights.

4 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix For A Horror Night

Sometimes the best way to have a great evening on a budget is to spend the night inside with the …

4 months ago

Best Netflix Streaming Options If You Loved Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

Fans that love Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will like these other action movies and shows.

4 months ago

ryan reynolds

Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix For Star Trek Fans

Star Trek fans will enjoy streaming these Netflix movies.

4 months ago

Bloodiest Scenes In Movies

Sometimes you see a movie scene that’s so gory that you wish you were streaming it on an ad-supported platform …

4 months ago

superhero trailer

10 Best Superhero Movie Trailers Of All Time

We give you our choices for the ten best superhero movie trailers of all time.

4 months ago

clint eastwood in the line of fire streaming

Clint Eastwood’s Most Iconic Movie Moments, Ranked

Over his six-decade career, both acting and directing (and as Mayor), screen legend Clint Eastwood has made quite an impact. …

4 months ago

Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s Most Tantalizing Movie Roles

These five quintessential Megan Fox movies show off the actress’s sex appeal.

4 months ago

The 7 Best Skydiving Scenes Ever Shot

There are some big franchise action movies that love to make a statement, that is why they are the big …

4 months ago

robert de niro joe pesci mafia movies casino

The Most Brutal Scenes In Mafia Movies

Great mafia movies are known for telling thrilling and captivating stories. These could be true, based on fact, or they …

4 months ago

shazam wonder woman
earl boen terminator
batman villain