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Major Movies That Need Sequels

For every bad movie that gets a sequel, there is a great one that doesn’t. Hollywood studios make puzzling decisions …

12 months ago

star wars daisy ridley

Most Beautiful Star Wars Actresses Of All-Time

The assorted Star Wars films and television shows are filled with tons of fascinating lore and cool technology, and it …

12 months ago


The Most Blatant Hollywood Copycat Movies In History

Hollywood, where movie ideas go to die. It’s true (we have proof) that Hollywood has run out of fresh ideas. …

12 months ago

The Most Boring Movies Ever Made

Most filmmakers do whatever they can to make sure their final product is not sleep-inducing. They will cut scenes that …

12 months ago

sylvester stallone rocky
the x-files monster

The X-Files Villains We Need To See Again

The X-Files loved to employ the old horror movie tradition of hinting the bad guys would be back. Indeed, The …

12 months ago

Best Mind-Bending Movies And Shows On Netflix With Female Leads

If you need a break from your usual Netflix true-crime binge but still want to occupy a similar territory, then …

12 months ago

Best Movies Where Hilarious Yoga Happens

If you haven’t started doing yoga, you probably should: Harvard tells us the health benefits are enormous, and it brings …

12 months ago

Best Fantasy Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

Enter a world of enchantment and wonder as we delve into the realm of fantasy films on Netflix, where strong …

12 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix That Are Based On Books

As the original movie-streaming platform, Netflix offers access to some of the best films ever made. Some of the best …

1 year ago

tom cruise

Every Mission: Impossible Movie, Ranked

With Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One slowly moving into movie theaters and Cineplexes across the country, it is …

1 year ago

The Best R-Rated Comedy Movies Ever Made

Despite their unabashed raunchiness and adult dialogues, R-rated comedy films have staked a claim in the movie industry as some …

1 year ago

star trek enterprise-d

Best And Worst Things About Star Trek 

Let’s look at both sides of the coin! What are the absolute best and the absolute worst things about Star Trek?

1 year ago

Best Buddy Cop Movies Streaming On Netflix

Everyone loves a good buddy cop movie. They’re usually pretty funny, plus the snappy dialogue and well-directed action sequences keep …

1 year ago

pulp fiction

The Best Movies That Completely Define The ‘90s

You may not believe it now, but the 1990s was truly a great decade for cinema. The ‘90s, in fact, …

1 year ago

1980s movie

Best High School Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Who doesn’t love to turn back the clock and go the nostalgic route when searching for a movie to watch? …

1 year ago

The Best Vampire Movie Moments Ever Filmed

For over 100 years, Vampires have been delivering thrills and chills to movie audiences all over the world. The undead …

1 year ago

Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Movies That Make Wall Street And Finance Seem Very Shady

The world of finance can be a shady place. Don’t believe us? Just check out these films that explore the …

1 year ago

Alternate Endings That Would Have Made The Original Movie Better

In the world of cinema, alternate endings often remain hidden, locked away in the cutting room floor or in the …

1 year ago

The Best Movies About Cannibalism

Despite any initial reservations, it’s surprisingly easy to stumble upon a feast of films focusing on the eerie practice of …

1 year ago

king kong game

Movies That Have Been Remade Multiple Times

These days, it can seem like Hollywood has no original movie ideas, with people frequently bemoaning the tragedy of constant …

1 year ago

James Patterson Books Turned Into Movies, Ranked

Author James Patterson doesn’t mince words when he talks about what he thinks of Hollywood’s attempts at turning his novels …

1 year ago

Best Movies That Take Place On Submarines

While the real-life story of the Titanic may have given way to James Cameron’s masterpiece film of the same name, …

1 year ago

jack nicholson
star trek picard

The Best Star Trek Murder Mysteries

Here are the best murder mystery stories to ever unfold in Star Trek!

1 year ago

The Most Underrated Movie Scenes That Deserve Much More Recognition

These 11 movie scenes deserve far more recognition.

1 year ago