Best Fantasy Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Charlize Theron in Snow White & The Huntsman

Enter a world of enchantment and wonder as we delve into the realm of fantasy films on Netflix, where strong female leads take center stage. From tales of magical academies to mystical adventures, these movies transport us to extraordinary realms filled with captivating characters and spellbinding stories. So grab your popcorn and the fantasy weapon of your choice, and let’s dive in!

The School for Good and Evil

Led by nearly an all-female cast, the Netflix Original film, The School for Good and Evil (2022), takes viewers on a fantastical journey inspired by Soman Chainani’s popular novel. Directed by Paul Feig, this American fantasy film showcases an ensemble cast led by Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie and Sofia Wylie as Agatha, two inseparable friends thrust into the mysterious Schools for Good and Evil.

As they tumble into a new and fantastical world, they’re taken on a journey that will test their unshakeable bond. Released on October 19, 2022, the movie garnered mixed reviews, with critics applauding the cast and visuals while questioning the narrative and storytelling.

Snow White & the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart already had a budding acting career before she was cast as Bella in Twilight. But after the vampire mega-hit, her name became synonymous with the angsty Arizona teen who moved to Washington for a fresh start. Snow White & the Huntsman was one of the first movies she acted in to separate herself from the Twilight phenomenon. 

Released in 2012, just a few months before Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Snow White and the Huntsman is a fantasy and adventure drama based on the classic German fairy tale. It stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, and Bob Hoskins.

While Stewart’s performance received mixed reviews, critics praised Theron’s and Hemsworth’s performances as well as the production design, visual effects, and the score. The film received two Oscar nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design.

The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline (2015) on Netflix is a captivating American romantic fantasy film that explores the timeless concept of immortality. The film follows Adaline (played by Blake Lively), who magically ceases to age after a near-death experience she had at 29.

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger and written by J. Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz, the film stars Blake Lively in the title role, supported by a talented cast including Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker, Amanda Crew, Harrison Ford, and Ellen Burstyn.

The movie was released to mixed reviews, though critics praised the performances of Lively and Ford, hailing it as some of their finest work in recent years. With a modest box office success, The Age of Adaline garnered two nominations at the 42nd Saturn Awards, including Best Fantasy Film and a nod for Lively as Best Actress.

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy (2014) is a fantasy comedy horror film on Netflix with a screenplay by Daniel Waters and directed by Mark Waters, based on Richelle Mead’s popular novel series of the same name. Led by Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway and Lucy Fry as Lissa Dragomir, the film centers around their return to St. Vladimir’s Academy after a year on the run. 

The film was released to generally negative reviews and ended up a financial failure, only grossing $15.4 million against a $30 million budget. Because of this, the planned sequel was canceled. However, a rebooted television series was released in 2022 on Peacock, which has received favorable reviews. 

Kind of like the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, sometimes a story has to be made into a bad movie before it finds its stride as a great television series. Still, it’s always fun to look back at where a franchise started, and you can do that by watching


Nightbooks (2021) is a dark fantasy film directed by David Yarovesky and based on J.A. White’s horror-fantasy children’s book. The story follows young Alex Mosher, played by Winslow Fegley, who finds himself trapped in a magical apartment belonging to a witch named Natacha, portrayed by Krysten Ritter. 

To survive, Alex must read a new scary story to Natacha each night. With the help of Yasmin, played by Lidya Jewett, they uncover secrets and must outwit the witch before it’s too late. Released on Netflix in September 2021, the film received positive reviews for its mix of horror and whimsical storytelling, providing a gateway to the genre for younger viewers.