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7 Characters That Need Live-Action Movie Remakes

These animated characters deserve a live-action remake.

5 months ago

fantasy movies

7 Fantasy Movies Adaptations That Ruined The Book

These fantasy movie adaptations are just awful.

5 months ago

7 Marvel Heroes Who Would Make Great Jedi

These Marvel characters would be amazing Jedi.

5 months ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Confirms A Marvel Star Will Be In Superman: Legacy

James Gunn has confirmed an unidentified Guardians of the Galaxy cast member will be in Superman: Legacy.

5 months ago


5 Great Movie Couples Who Should Have Ended Up Together

Movie couples that should have stayed together include Jack and Rose, and Harry and Sally.

5 months ago

Johnny Depp

5 Massive Blockbuster Movies That Were Box Office Flops

The biggest box office flops include Battleship and John Carter.

5 months ago

10 Sci-Fi Movies That Need An Immediate Reboot

In an era of reboots, remakes, reunion series, long-delayed sequels, and prequels to nearly every property, these sci-fi movies are …

5 months ago

star trek netflix captains

7 Star Trek Heroes Who Aren’t Captains, But Should Be

We go through our top choices for Star Trek characters who need to be promoted to captain.

5 months ago

harry potter

5 Franchises That Should Get A Comedic Spoof

We could all use more laughter in our lives, and here are some movie franchises whose spoofs could definitely do the trick.

5 months ago

10 Best Sword Fights In Movie History

Kill Bill Volume 1, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl top the charts as the best sword fights in cinematic history.

5 months ago

Star Wars: Ranking The Best Lightsaber Battles

Star Wars is full of amazing lightsaber battles, and we’ve ranked the top 10.

5 months ago

Movies That Were Filmed Almost Entirely In A Single Location

Some of the best single location movies are Phone Booth, The Breakfast Club, and 12 Angry Men

5 months ago

star trek pets

The 8 Best Star Trek Pets

We give our choices for the 8 best pets in all of Star Trek.

5 months ago

kylo ren star wars

7 Movie Villains Who Shockingly Saved The Hero’s Life

These villains ended up saving the lives of heroes for various reasons.

5 months ago

9 Most Heartbreaking Romance Movies Ever Made

These heartbreaking romance movies are guaranteed to make you reach for the tissue box.

5 months ago

keanu reeves the matrix

Most Iconic Movie Costumes Of All Time

The greatest movie costumes of all time come from Star Wars, Back to the Future, and The Matrix.

5 months ago

florence pugh

The 10 Best Movies About Cults And Cult Leaders

The best cult movies include The Master, MidSommar, and The Wicker Man.

5 months ago

movie soundtrack

10 Best Music Movies To Watch For The Soundtrack

These movies have the greatest soundtracks ever.

5 months ago

10 Times A Movie Didn’t Deserve To Win An Oscar

Here are 10 Oscar-winning movies that should have lost instead.

5 months ago

8 Star Trek Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

We summarize some of the most interesting Star Trek fan theories out there.

5 months ago

10 Best War Movies That Focus On Women’s Experiences

Most war movies focus on men, but these are the best war movies that showcase women’s experiences during wartime.

5 months ago

henry cavill and ben affleck

5 Movies That Were Completely Ruined By Their Trailers

The worst movie trailers include Drive, Cast Away, and Batman v. Superman.

5 months ago

5 Actors Who Were Completely Transformed For Iconic Movie Roles

Some of the biggest actor transformations include Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger, and Charlize Theron

5 months ago

5 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Solved With Simple Technology

Adding some basic technology into these movies completely undoes their plots.

5 months ago

movie sequel

10 Times Actors Turned Down Roles That Would Have Been The Biggest Of Their Career 

Here are 10 times that famous actors turned down famous parts.

5 months ago

5 Movie Sidekicks Who Stole The Show

Here are five movie sidekicks that totally stole the show from their protagonist counterparts.

5 months ago

wolf 359

10 Most Intense Space Battles In Sci-Fi Movies

We go through our choices for the ten most epic space battles in cinema.

5 months ago

brad pitt deadpool 3

10 Best Black Comedy Movies That Will Make You Laugh And Cringe

The black comedy films are some of the darkest and most hilarious ever made.

5 months ago

10 Sequels That Were Better Than The First Movie

Sequels that were better than the first movie include Dark Knight, Toy Story 2, and The Empire Strikes Back.

5 months ago

10 Best Vampire Movies of All Time

We narrowed down the best vampire movies ever made.

5 months ago