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daniel radcliffe harry potter reboot

Every Weird Character Daniel Radcliffe Played After Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has played a lot of weird characters in his time.

12 months ago

The 10 Most Hilarious Horror Movies

The most hilarious horror movies include Slither, Army of Darkness, and American Psycho.

12 months ago

10 Movies That Wanted To Launch Franchises But Were Rejected by Audiences

Movie franchises that never happened after the first film bombed include Spwan, The Golden Compass, and The Mummy.

12 months ago

star trek doctor

5 Best Star Trek Doctors From Every Series And Movie

We countdown our choices for the five best doctors in the history of Star Trek

12 months ago

The 10 Best 90s Westerns You Need To See

For years, it was well-known around Hollywood that the Western movie was dead. Ambushed, never (or rarely) to ever be …

12 months ago

Twilight Eclipse Proposal

10 Times Actors Fell In Love On Set And Got Together In Real Life

Couples that met on movie sets include Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

12 months ago

lord of the rings

Best Movie Trilogies Of All-Time

When putting together a list of the best movie trilogies of all time, the first thing that we needed to …

12 months ago

The 8 Best Movies About Friendship

The best friendship movies include The Sandlot, Good Will Hunting, and A Bronx Tale.

12 months ago

10 Most Disappointing Endings In Movie History

Movie endings, they can make or break a film. They can wrap things up in a neat bow, helping make …

12 months ago

1980s movie

5 Classic Movies That Would Be Terrible If They Were Made Today

To many, it seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas. We see remakes here, re-imaginings there, and live-action retreads …

12 months ago

jack nicholson

5 Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Totally Improvised

Improvised movie scenes come from Casablanca, The Shining, and Jaws.

12 months ago

mads mikkselsen

8 Awkward Times Actors Were Recast In Television Or Movie Franchises

We remember eight of the most awkward recasts in the history of screen entertainment.

12 months ago

The 10 Most Beautifully Shot Movies Of All Time

The Tree of Life, Apocolypse Now, and The Grand Budapest Hotel top the charts for some of the most beautifully shot movies ever.

12 months ago

10 Best Movie Dance Scenes Of All Time

These are the most iconic dance scenes from cinema history.

12 months ago

10 Movies That Are So Bad They Are Actually Good

In a way, bad movies are sometimes more entertaining than films that are critically acclaimed. But beauty is most certainly …

12 months ago

best supervillain

7 Best Supervillains In Superhero Movies

These are the best (and worst) supervillains ever seen in superhero movies.

12 months ago

bohemian rhapsody

8 Biopics That Took Creative Liberties With Their Subjects

While these biopics may have taken some creative liberties and strayed from the true story, the movies were better off for it.

12 months ago

political movies

10 Best Political Movies To Watch Before The Next Election

These are the best political movies ever made.

12 months ago

harry potter

10 Things Left Out Of The Harry Potter Movies That Need To Be Included In The New Series

This is a list of the top 10 things that must be included in the Warner Bros. Discovery Harry Potter reboot.

12 months ago

saving private ryan

Most Realistic Military And War Movies Ever Made

The most realistic military and war movies include Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Saving Private Ryan.

12 months ago

star trek

The Coolest Spaceships In Science Fiction Films

Here are our top ten choices for the coolest spaceships in cinematic history.

12 months ago


The 7 Most Mouthwatering Meals In Film History

These are the most delicious-looking meals in food history.

12 months ago

The 8 Best Nature And Wildlife Documentaries Of All Time

Trials of Life, The Cove, and Grizzly Man top the charts as some of the best wildlife and nature documentaries.

12 months ago

10 Movies That Define The Evolution Of Superhero Movies

These are the superhero movies that influenced not only the comic book movie genre but also cinematic history itself.

12 months ago

The Most Iconic Movie Posters Of All Time

These are the top 10 most iconic movie posters throughout the age of cinema.

12 months ago

scream 6

8 Most Meta Movies Ever Made

These are the most meta, self-referential movies ever made.

12 months ago

7 Characters That Need Live-Action Movie Remakes

These animated characters deserve a live-action remake.

12 months ago

fantasy movies

7 Fantasy Movies Adaptations That Ruined The Book

These fantasy movie adaptations are just awful.

12 months ago

7 Marvel Heroes Who Would Make Great Jedi

These Marvel characters would be amazing Jedi.

12 months ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Confirms A Marvel Star Will Be In Superman: Legacy

James Gunn has confirmed an unidentified Guardians of the Galaxy cast member will be in Superman: Legacy.

12 months ago