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The Most Predictable Scary Movies That We Still Love To Watch

Scary movies are an essential corner of the viewing experience, with many viewers flocking to the terrifying tales to get …

10 months ago

anne heche

Anne Heche’s Best Movies Listed And Ranked

It has been almost one year since the unfortunate and tragic death of actress Anne Heche. In a career that …

10 months ago

denzel washington

Denzel Washington’s Best Movies Ranked

Denzel Washington is arguably the greatest actor of his generation and one of the best to ever grace the big …

10 months ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie’s 8 Best Movies Before Barbie

Margot Robbie is wowing audiences and critics with Barbie, but it’s not her only good movie.

10 months ago

Best Movie Explosions Ever

It goes without saying that an action movie is incomplete without a healthy amount of explosions. And it’s quite fun …

10 months ago

Best Heist Movies On Netflix

To say that heist movies are a dime a dozen would be a crime. This genre of action movies has …

10 months ago

back to the future

The Most Influential Movie Scenes In Science Fiction

There are some science fiction scenes so iconic and influential that you can’t help but replay them in your head …

10 months ago

Movies That Will Make You Never Want To Attempt Rock Climbing

Going to the rock climbing gym is a nice evening outing or weekend activity. There is a harness, temperature control, …

10 months ago

Best Netflix Films For Your Next Family Movie Night

If you and your family regularly sit down to watch movies, there’s a good chance you find yourself trolling the …

10 months ago

steve carell space force season 2

Netflix Streaming Options If You Love Space

As they say, space is the final frontier, and there is still a vast amount of our ever-expanding universe that …

11 months ago

Best Movies About Firemen

From gripping action sequences to heartfelt stories of triumph and tragedy, movies about firefighters offer an engaging and inspiring tribute …

11 months ago

The Expendables: The Best Action Star Performances In The Franchise So Far

The Expendables started with one of the coolest and simplest premises we ever heard: getting all the famous faces from …

11 months ago

Best Assassin Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

The impact feature film contract killers have on an audience can be lasting. Who can forget Tom Cruise’s chilling portrayal …

11 months ago

The Best Times Sci-Fi Movies Predicted Future Technology

Sci-fi movies often serve to give us a glimpse of what’s to come, but as every Back to the Future …

11 months ago

The Best Cooking Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

Ever since the advent of television foodie reality shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef, the interest in cooking …

11 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix About Martial Arts

There is nothing better than a well-done martial arts movie. Crisp action, amazing choreography, some bone-breaking, and a little blood …

11 months ago

Major Movies That Need Sequels

For every bad movie that gets a sequel, there is a great one that doesn’t. Hollywood studios make puzzling decisions …

11 months ago

star wars daisy ridley

Most Beautiful Star Wars Actresses Of All-Time

The assorted Star Wars films and television shows are filled with tons of fascinating lore and cool technology, and it …

11 months ago


The Most Blatant Hollywood Copycat Movies In History

Hollywood, where movie ideas go to die. It’s true (we have proof) that Hollywood has run out of fresh ideas. …

11 months ago

The Most Boring Movies Ever Made

Most filmmakers do whatever they can to make sure their final product is not sleep-inducing. They will cut scenes that …

11 months ago

sylvester stallone rocky
the x-files monster

The X-Files Villains We Need To See Again

The X-Files loved to employ the old horror movie tradition of hinting the bad guys would be back. Indeed, The …

11 months ago

Best Mind-Bending Movies And Shows On Netflix With Female Leads

If you need a break from your usual Netflix true-crime binge but still want to occupy a similar territory, then …

11 months ago

Best Movies Where Hilarious Yoga Happens

If you haven’t started doing yoga, you probably should: Harvard tells us the health benefits are enormous, and it brings …

11 months ago

Best Fantasy Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

Enter a world of enchantment and wonder as we delve into the realm of fantasy films on Netflix, where strong …

11 months ago

Best Movies On Netflix That Are Based On Books

As the original movie-streaming platform, Netflix offers access to some of the best films ever made. Some of the best …

11 months ago