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The Saw Franchise’s Most Vicious Traps

From the inception of the Saw franchise in 2004 to the latest gut-wrenching installment, Saw X, the franchise has been …

8 months ago

Characters The MCU Needs To Kill Off

While the MCU helped define an entire era of entertainment, it was only a matter of time before the original …

8 months ago

darth maul star wars

Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes For The Holiday

With Halloween just a few weeks away, we figured it was high time to come up with some off-beat Star …

8 months ago

m. night shyamalan

Horror Movies Ruined By Lousy Endings

There’s nothing more humiliating than when a football player fumbles the ball at the one-yard line. Okay, there’s one thing: …

9 months ago

clint eastwood unforgiven

Clint Eastwood’s Most Memorable Movie Kills

Clint Eastwood, an iconic Hollywood actor and director, has graced the silver screen with countless memorable roles. His tapestry of …

9 months ago

The Best Movie Assassins

These days, it seems as though a movie featuring a prominent team of assassins comes out every week, with so …

9 months ago

The Best Sci-Fi War Movies of All Time

One of the most captivating and thought-provoking subgenres in the vast and ever-expanding realm of science fiction cinematography involves future …

9 months ago


Strange Love: Sci-Fi’s Weirdest Movie Romances

Love isn’t easy and, no matter how hard we try, things don’t always go as planned. But no matter how …

9 months ago

Ready To Stream Now: Best Science Fiction Movies Of 2009

Wondering what to watch this weekend? Here’s a list of the best science fiction movies released in 2009. They may …

9 months ago

monty python netflix

The Best Medieval Movies Of All Time

Medieval movies bring adventure and excitement to our lives. Knights wearing their strong armored suits charge with fervor atop their …

9 months ago

The Most Iconic Needle Drops In Cinema History

The perfect song in a movie can turn a good scene into a great scene and a great scene into …

9 months ago

mad max fury road

Mad Max Movies: The Post-Apocalyptic Blockbusters From Worst To Best

Before series like HBO‘s The Last of Us and films like Doomsday had us traveling through the wasteland with an …

9 months ago

star trek away mission

Star Trek’s Bloodiest Away Missions

Star Trek’s away missions are often recipes for disaster, the common trope from The Original Series being that the officers …

9 months ago

The Most Terrifying Stephen King Characters, Ranked

Stephen King is synonymous with horror fiction–and for good reason. The maestro’s prolific storytelling and penchant for penning bone-chilling characters …

9 months ago

loki season 2

Loki Season 2 Needs To Have These Marvel Characters

Fans have much to look forward to as the God of Mischief returns to Disney+ in Loki Season 2. Tom Hiddleston reprises …

9 months ago


Star Wars: The Voice Actors Vs. Live-Action

Ever since Star Wars animation guru Dave Filoni made the jump from cartoons to live-action, he’s brought many of his …

9 months ago

star trek gorn

Captain Kirk’s Best Battles In Star Trek

Ever since Star Trek: The Original Series, Captain Kirk has been known for the iconic (and often hammy) way that …

9 months ago


The Marvels Needs To Give Us These Surprise Appearances

It won’t be long until The Marvels, the MCU’s next big blockbuster, hits theaters. While the MCU’s previous effort, Guardians …

9 months ago

The Greatest Football Movies You Should Be Streaming Right Now

Football seems to have surpassed baseball as America’s pastime and when they’re not watching football, fans of the sport enjoy …

9 months ago

marvel pet

Marvel’s Best Super-Powered Critters: Super-Pets That Decimate The Bad Guys

The Marvel universe is a fantastic realm where even the pets have superpowers. While not as well known as their …

9 months ago

Star Trek’s Outsiders: The Best Non-Federation Heroes

Though Star Trek’s heroes are usually part of the Federation and, more specifically, members of Starfleet, there are a number …

9 months ago

star wars droids

Star Wars’ Droids: The Best Buckets Of Bolts In The Galaxy

Star Wars has plenty of fancy technology ranging from starships to lightsabers, but none of it has ever been as …

9 months ago

Classic Comedies That Deserve A Remake

Some of the best classic comedies are timeless, but they’re all products of the eras in which they were made. …

9 months ago

Dwayne Johnson

Best Wrestlers Turned Actors

Being a professional wrestler requires not just athleticism and strength but also the ability to play a character convincingly. Show …

9 months ago

The Most Underrated Vampire Movies Ever Made

Vampires are some of the oldest monsters ever to grace the silver screen. So vampire movies have seemingly been around …

9 months ago

alexander skarsgard nepotism

The Best Alexander Skarsgard Movies Streaming On Netflix

There are a few Alexander Skarsgard movies streaming on Netflix that are definitely worth checking out if you are a …

9 months ago

khan star trek

The Weirdest Retcons In Star Trek History 

Star Trek is one of the most venerable franchises in history, telling an ongoing story of various characters exploring strange …

10 months ago

michelle yeoh blade runnmer

Marvel Wasted Huge Stars In These Disappointing Roles

MCU casting can be hit or miss sometimes. For every Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, there’s a Tilda Swinton …

10 months ago

batman villain

The Weirdest Method Acting Moments In Movie History

Method acting is a technique originated by Konstantin Stanislavski that encourages actors use to generate an honest connection with their …

10 months ago

keanu reeves

The Keanu Reeves Movies To Binge On Netflix

When it comes to movie catalogs and big screen work, few have done it better than Keanu Reeves over the …

10 months ago