Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes For The Holiday

By Robert Scucci | Published

With Halloween just a few weeks away, we figured it was high time to come up with some off-beat Star Wars Halloween costumes that will highlight your deep love for the lore. But we’re not going to suggest dressing up like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader with whatever costume Disney is selling. We’re here to innovate, turn some heads, and really get your target audience thinking about what you’ve truly done to pay homage to your favorite science-fiction franchise.

Willrow Hood

star wars halloween costumes

Not all Star Wars Halloween costumes have to be about primary characters. With a Willrow Hood costume, you can become the living embodiment of one of the best prop kerfuffles that happened throughout the entire franchise. We’re talking about the iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back that comes along with a tasty treat.

If you hit pause during the Cloud City evacuation sequence, you’ll see Willrow running with an ice-cream machine under his arm. All you need is a pair of mechanic coveralls, and an ice-cream machine to make this costume come to life. If you really want to win best costume, maybe bring some heavy cream and rock salt in a cooler, and you can slow-churn your way into the hearts of your party companions.

Nu-Metal Maul

star wars halloween costumes

If you’re a purist who disavows the prequels, this Star Wars Halloween costume may not be for you. But there’s no denying that Darth Maul stole the show with his two-sided lightsaber in The Phantom Menace. But if we wanted to cross genres, it’s worth noting that Darth Maul looks just like the guitarist from Mudvayne, who glued bugles to his face while shooting the music video for “Dig.”

This Star Wars Halloween costume may be a little esoteric for most people’s tastes, but if you know your audience you can totally pull this one off. Just bring a guitar along as a prop, and bust out your best “Br Br Deng” impression, and show your true dark side

Death Star

star wars the acolyte

Who said that a Star Wars Halloween costume had to be based on a character? We’d argue that the Death Star is one of the most profound antagonists that has ever had a hold over the galaxy. You’re either going to need to be exceptionally handy with paper mache, or figure out how to get through doorways dressed as a giant sphere.

But as the evening progresses, and you find that the costume doesn’t breathe, your gradual dismantling of this Star Wars Halloween costume will highlight all the phases of the Death Star; its construction, its completion, and its destruction.

AT-AT Walker

This Star Wars Halloween costume will also boast a considerable amount of bulk, but you can totally pull it off. Bust out your Legos, and save some empty 12-packs and spray paint for the arms and legs, and you can stomp your way into the costume contest with authority. But you want to exercise some caution with this particular costume because the AT-AT Walkers are extremely top heavy, and you don’t want to get knocked over by anxious trick-or-treaters.

Unlike the Willrow Hood costume, the AT-AT Walker costume will require a considerable amount of preparation, so you’re only going to want to pursue this Star Wars Halloween costume if you are willing to bust out the hot glue gun and spend a few hours bringing this vision to life.

Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Palpatine makes for the most relaxed-fit Star Wars Halloween costume on this list, but sometimes less is more. Find your best black robes, get some white face paint, and maybe smear some Elmer’s Glue onto your face for dramatic effect. If you find yourself with a cold due to the brisk weather, you’ll find that your gravelly voice will work to your advantage.

All you need now is some red eye shadow, and you’ll be all set! Just don’t let the sinister look get to your head because we’re just trying to have some fun here, and we strongly advise that you don’t try to force choke anybody who displeases you.

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