The Best Alexander Skarsgard Movies Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

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There are a few Alexander Skarsgard movies streaming on Netflix that are definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the actor. There’s a mix of action, thriller, drama and more. Plus something from early in his career.

Oh boy, oh boy, strap in because Alexander Skarsgard is taking us on a wild ride in the Netflix sci-fi thriller, Mute. Picture this: Skarsgard as a stern-faced, mute bartender navigating a neon-lit, futuristic Berlin. Sounds intriguing, right? But wait, there’s more!

This ain’t your run-of-the-mill sci-fi flick. Skarsgard’s character, Leo, is out there in the techno-glare, pounding the streets in search of his missing girlfriend. It’s dark, it’s gritty, and Skarsgard delivers a powerhouse performance without uttering a single word – talk about talent!

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it, this movie has its quirks and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But hey, if you’re in for a visually stunning, somewhat oddball adventure with a dose of Alexander’s intense silent stares, Mute is your ticket to a night of Netflix escapism.

Grab your snow boots and thickest parka, because Alexander Skarsgard is leading us straight into the chilly, mysterious heart of Alaska in Hold the Dark. Picture it: a remote, eerie village where the wolves are just about as friendly as the locals. And, amidst this frosty setting, Skarsgard steps in as a soldier returning home to a world more primal than the one he left.

But hold on, don’t start thinking this is just another snowy thriller. Nope, Hold the Dark brings a heaping helping of dark, twisted secrets and brutal action scenes to your screen. Skarsgard tackles his role with a fierce intensity that’s as captivating as the bleak, beautiful landscape.

For those who love a movie with more layers than an Alaskan winter outfit, this thriller won’t disappoint. Prepare yourself for a gripping tale of savagery and survival, where the boundaries between man and beast blur. Just a little advice – maybe keep the lights on for this one, because Alexander Skarsgard in Hold the Dark is serving suspense with a side of chills!

Alexander Skarsgard

Remember when we all read this book in middle school and thought, “Wow, this would make a great movie”? Well, somebody listened!

In this cinematic adaptation of The Giver, we find our dear Alex in a somewhat toned-down role compared to his usual alpha performances. But don’t let that fool you! Even as the subdued father figure in a dystopian world stripped of emotions and colors, Skarsgard brings that nuanced touch that keeps us leaning in, wondering what’s ticking behind those stoic expressions.

While he might not be the star of the show this time, his presence adds just the right amount of spice to a story that makes us question the very essence of humanity.

So, if you’re up for a trip down memory lane with a bit of Skarsgard magic sprinkled in, you know where to go. Dive back into the world of The Giver, where Alexander waits to give you a performance that’s as calming as a cup of warm milk in a world gone cold!

Alexander Skarsgard

Are you ready to dip your toes into the murky waters of societal norms and racial identity? Say no more, because Passing is here to give you just that, sprinkled with a dash of Alexander Skarsgard to keep things interesting!

In this visually captivating drama, we find Skarsgard stepping away from his typical hunky roles to embrace the persona of a not-so-loveable husband. Oh yes, he’s throwing us a curveball, bringing in a performance that’s both unsettling yet fascinating in a movie that pushes the boundaries of friendship and identity.

While his role might be on the sidelines, his character adds a complex layer to an already intricate narrative. It’s like he’s the cherry on top of a not-so-sweet cake, adding a dash of bitterness that makes the story all the more compelling.

So grab your favorite blanket and prepare yourself for a movie night that promises deep reflection and stellar performances. Don’t miss your chance to witness Skarsgard showcasing his acting chops in a role that’s as chilling as it is nuanced in Passing, now streaming!