The Weirdest Movies Streaming In Netflix’s Experimental Section

By Steven Nelson | Published

You might know it by now, but in addition to the movies and series Netflix shows on the front page of their app and website, there’s an entire world of options hidden underneath. That can come in the form of Netflix’s secret codes which drill down on all kinds of other titles. One of the weirdest ones is the Experimental Movies section which really gets into the oddball and off.

Let’s take a look at the quirky and maybe even offputting experimental offerings found here. Some of these are really out there.

What Did Jack Do?

netflix experimental

Imagine David Lynch, the mastermind behind mind-benders like Twin Peaks, directing a 17-minute interrogation between a detective and… wait for it… a monkey. Yep, that’s What Did Jack Do? for you.

In this black-and-white Netflix experimental oddity, Lynch himself interrogates a chain-smoking monkey suspected of a crime. No, you didn’t misread that.

As expected, the conversation spirals into a surreal mix of absurdity, poetic monkey monologues, and a bizarre song about love and birds. It’s the kind of film that makes you ponder, “Did I have too much wine or not enough?”

If you’re into mainstream blockbusters, this might feel like you’ve wandered into an experimental fever dream. But for those who appreciate the uniquely weird, this is a must-watch. Let’s face it, where else are you going to witness Lynch discussing life’s mysteries with a primate?

So, buckle up, maybe grab a banana, and get ready to dive into the wonderfully wacky world of What Did Jack Do?.

The Metamorphosis of Birds

netflix experimental

Welcome to the visual equivalent of sipping on a perplexing, yet oddly satisfying, blend of herbal teas. The Metamorphosis of Birds is not your run-of-the-mill creature-feature.

Instead of watching a kid turn into a hawk a la “Animorphs”, this is an artful and dreamlike experimental dive into the world of memories and familial tales.

Through poetic narration and surreal imagery, director Catarina Vasconcelos navigates the history of her own family, likening the cycles of life to the metamorphosis of birds.

You won’t find dramatic action scenes or shocking plot twists here. The movie is like rummaging through an old, dusty photo album with every still image leading you to question, “Who is this? Why is that man holding a pineapple?”

For those who thrive on the conventional and easily digestible, this might not be your jam. But if you’re in the mood for an aesthetic feast with a generous serving of oddity and reflection, The Metamorphosis of Birds is an experimental visual banquet. Warning: May induce deep thoughts and a sudden urge to buy a pet parrot.

Cities of Last Things

netflix experimental

Ever felt like you’re walking backward through your own life, or perhaps you’ve accidentally flipped to the end of a book first? That’s sort of the rollercoaster ride Cities of Last Things throws you onto.

This Taiwanese experimental oddball masterpiece isn’t just content with presenting a story backward, but it also genre-hops with glee. The film starts in a dystopian future, zips back to a tech-noir setting, and then rounds things off with a melodramatic past.

Centered around the tumultuous life of the protagonist, each section has its own unique flavor of weird, merging the tones of sci-fi, film noir, and drama. It’s like mixing chocolate, pickles, and cheese in a blender – strange, but oddly harmonious in its discord.

For the conventional film lover, this might seem like a director’s fever dream come to life. But if you’re itching for an experimental narrative that challenges the boundaries of storytelling (and perhaps your patience), then Cities of Last Things is a wild trip you won’t soon forget. Popcorn, anyone? Or perhaps some reverse-cooked pasta to keep with the theme?