Netflix Has A Secret Disney Streaming Section With Two Weird Series

By Steven Nelson | Published

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We’ve been taking a look at some of Netflix’s secret sections, ways the streamer has sectioned off parts of its massive catalog of movies and series. There’s been everything from Schemers & Scammers to Satanic Stories, to even Witchcraft. But there is also stuff on the lighter side. Frankly, some of it is even confusing. Take, for instance, their Disney section.

Now, you are saying to yourself, wait, why would Disney have shows or movies on Netflix? Well, they really don’t but Netflix has created a section for just two series that seem to fit under the Disney descriptive banner. They are ones that started over at the Mouse House and now are on Netflix.

Let’s take a look at what you can find there and hope that, at some point, some more titles land in this section. With streaming maybe becoming more streamlined in future years, this could be looking like more and more of the case.

Bunk’D: Learning The Ropes

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Journey into the heart of summer camp chaos with Disney’s Bunk’D, now available for streaming on Netflix. A lively spinoff of the beloved Disney Channel show Jessie, this series brings back the posh Ross siblings – Emma, Ravi, and Zuri – but this time, they’re leaving behind their New York City penthouse for the rustic woods of Camp Kikiwaka in Maine. It’s the same camp where their parents once kindled a summer romance!

Amidst the campfires, canoe races, and cabin pranks, Bunk’D puts a spotlight on the trials, tribulations, and joys of camp life. The Ross siblings navigate new friendships, leadership challenges, and even occasional wildlife encounters, all while dealing with the comedic hurdles that come with adapting to a world far from their luxury comforts.

This series lines up for a family watch night or a nostalgia trip if you were fans of the original show. But understand, the whole thing is pretty silly all things considered.

Disney’s Bunk’D on Netflix goes for a blend of laughter, learning, and those unforgettable summer vibes. So, gear up for some good old camp fun where every day promises a new adventure or a hilarious misadventure!


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Dive into an underwater adventure with Octonauts, originally brought to life by Disney and now available for streaming on Netflix. This captivating animated series, first introduced to audiences on Disney Junior, takes viewers deep below the ocean’s surface.

The show chronicles the explorations of Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, and their lively team of marine animals as they traverse the vast ocean, encountering curious creatures and facing exhilarating challenges.

Beyond the engaging adventures, Octonauts serves as an interactive classroom, teaching young viewers about the mysteries of the sea. With every rescue mission and exploration, the crew imparts intriguing facts about the marine world, blending entertainment with education seamlessly.

Whether it’s the magnetic allure of Disney magic or the enriching knowledge of the underwater realm, Octonauts on Netflix is a treat for both kids and parents alike. Dive in, explore, and let the Octonauts whisk you away on a wave of fun and discovery!