Best Movies Streaming In Netflix’s Secret Witchcraft Section

By Steven Nelson | Published

Netflix junkies will know that the streamer has movie genres sliced and diced every which way you could imagine. And that includes those of their own creation, with Netflix secret codes sprinkled throughout the streamer. We already looked at secret sections like High Brow Horror as well as Schemers & Scammers. Now let’s look at the best movies in Witchcraft & the Dark Arts.

The Ritual

Lost in the woods with your buddies might sound like a fun camping trip, but Netflix’s The Ritual takes that idea and twists it into your darkest nightmare. After a tragic event shakes their bond, four friends decide to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness, only to find an ancient evil lurking among the trees.

This horror-thriller isn’t just about the external fears of being stalked by something sinister, but also the internal demons that plague the group. With its atmospheric tension, eerie visuals, and a plot that spirals into pagan madness, Netflix’s The Ritual serves as a chilling reminder that sometimes the past haunts you, and other times it’s… something far worse in the woods.

So next time you plan a trek with your pals, maybe stick to the beaten path. Just saying.

Paranormal Activity

Who knew a home video could give you more chills than a December night? Dive into the world of Paranormal Activity on Netflix, and you might find yourself rethinking those late-night creaks in your home. A couple, Katie and Micah, start to document what they believe is a ghostly presence in their new suburban house.

Directed by Oren Peli, this low-budget sensation turned box-office hit uses cleverly crafted “found footage” to build an atmospheric terror that’ll have you white-knuckling your popcorn. With its slow-burn suspense and unsettling quiet moments, Netflix’s Paranormal Activity redefines the haunted house genre.

A heads-up: after this, you might want to invest in some nightlights and, perhaps, a new house altogether. Sweet dreams!

Ouija: Origin of Evil

netflix witchcraft

Ah, the innocent fun of a Ouija board, right? Wrong. Netflix’s Ouija: Origin of Evil will have you second-guessing that seemingly harmless board game gathering dust in your attic.

Set in 1967 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business. However, when they unwittingly invite pure evil into their home, the youngest daughter gets overtaken by a merciless spirit.

Directed by Mike Flanagan, this prequel to “Ouija” isn’t just another jump-scare fest. It’s a well-crafted descent into a chilling tale of family, spirits, and the unintended consequences of playing with the unknown. Netflix tip: Maybe stick to Monopoly for your next family game night. Less possession, more hotels.

The Ring

horror netflix witchcraft

If you thought unsolicited phone calls were creepy, wait until you get the one that tells you you’ve got seven days left to live. The Ring, now sending chills down spines on Netflix, redefined horror for a generation.

When journalist Rachel Keller, played by Naomi Watts, stumbles upon a mysterious videotape that seemingly causes anyone who watches it to die exactly one week later, she plunges into a terrifying race against time to unravel the tape’s dark secret.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, this remake of the Japanese classic uses eerie visuals, spine-tingling suspense, and a hauntingly cursed video to craft a tale that’ll make you rethink your next movie night.

A Netflix PSA: Before you dive in, ensure your phone is on silent. And maybe keep it that way… indefinitely.

The Old Ways

netflix witchcraft

Venturing into ancient lands for a story? Exciting. Being captured and accused of being possessed by a demon? Not on the itinerary. The Old Ways on Netflix takes the concept of cultural exploration and twists it into a gripping tale of ancient rituals and inner demons.

When a journalist, Cristina, heads to her ancestral home in Veracruz for a story on local traditions, she becomes the central figure in a chilling exorcism.

This film blurs the lines between old-world beliefs and modern skepticism, as Cristina grapples with her own understanding of reality. With its shadowy visuals, intense performances, and a plot that delves deep into Mexican folklore, Netflix’s The Old Ways will have you questioning every creak and whisper in the night.

A note to the curious: Sometimes, the old ways are best left undisturbed.