The Best Ryan Gosling Movies To Stream On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | Published

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling is coming off of the summer’s (and one of history’s) biggest blockbusters with Barbie. His turn as Ken was scene-stealing magic, paired perfectly with Margot Robbie’s almost instantly iconic lead role. But you don’t have to stop at the theaters to see Ryan Gosling. Far from it. Netflix has three great movies streaming with him as the lead and they all come from different genres. Let’s check them out.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling’s memorable musical stint in the recent Barbie film reminds fans of his stunning vocal performance in the 2016 masterpiece, La La Land.

Now available on Netflix, the film showcases Gosling alongside the formidable Emma Stone, both portraying dreamers in Los Angeles. Their on-screen chemistry as an aspiring jazz pianist and actress is perfectly balanced with a touching narrative of love and ambition.

Directed by Damien Chazelle, who’s known for his impeccable musical narratives like Whiplash, La La Land received 14 Academy Award nominations. Although it clinched several, including Best Director and Best Actress for Stone, Gosling’s award eluded him due to fierce competition.

Nevertheless, the film’s artistic blend of storytelling, music, and star performances made it a box office sensation, grossing over $446.1 million worldwide.

Not just a treat for musical enthusiasts, La La Land resonates even with those wary of the genre, thanks to its realistic incorporation of songs and the undeniable talent of its leads.

The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe

From his early days in children’s horror tales to his breakthrough in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has undeniably captivated Hollywood. While often hailed for romantic roles (see above), Gosling’s underappreciated gem, The Nice Guys, now streaming on Netflix, showcases his versatility in the crime comedy genre.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of 1977 Los Angeles, The Nice Guys is a neo-noir buddy action comedy crafted by director Shane Black. Gosling pairs brilliantly with Russell Crowe, embodying the roles of private eye Holland March and enforcer Jackson Healy.

The duo embarks on a twist-filled quest to uncover the mystery behind a teenage girl’s disappearance, soon finding themselves navigating a maze of corporate corruption, environmental discourse, and societal disparities.

Their journey commences when March, hired to investigate a peculiar sighting of a supposedly deceased porn star, is drawn into a tangled web involving Amelia Kuttner and her controversial film project.

As the plot thickens, the pair face a series of perils, from confrontations with hitmen to deciphering the motives behind a revealing film.

What sets The Nice Guys apart is its blend of action, humor, and social commentary. Black‚Äôs signature comedic flair harmonizes with the narrative’s darker themes, amplified by Gosling and Crowe’s remarkable performances and dynamic chemistry.

Receiving critical acclaim, particularly for its fresh approach to the buddy comedy genre, The Nice Guys holds a prestigious rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite its modest box office performance, the film’s intricate storyline and compelling characters have cemented its place as a must-watch, making it ripe for rediscovery on Netflix.

The Gray Man

Having etched his legacy in romantic dramas, musicals, and comedy crime films, Ryan Gosling takes a leap into the realm of espionage thrillers with his stellar role in The Gray Man. The Netflix original film is both an action-packed roller coaster and a testament to Gosling’s ever-expanding range as an actor.

In The Gray Man, a high-stakes thriller set against the murky backdrop of international intelligence and covert operations, Gosling plays the role of Court Gentry, a former CIA operative turned freelance assassin. He’s now been turned on by his own government, and in this genre, we know how that goes.

As Gentry navigates this treacherous landscape, he’s confronted with betrayals, high-speed chases, and moral quandaries that push him to the brink.

What truly elevates The Gray Man is not just its adrenaline-pumping action sequences, but its nuanced portrayal of its protagonist. Gosling dives deep into the psyche of a man torn between his ingrained training and his burgeoning conscience, delivering a performance both raw and riveting.

Surrounding Gosling is an ensemble cast (Chris Evans is a scene-stealer through and through) that matches his intensity, pushing the narrative forward and creating a multi-layered espionage drama. The film cleverly intertwines elements of political intrigue with personal vendettas, making it not just another spy thriller, but a contemplative look into the cost of loyalty and the price of deception.

Receiving rave reviews, The Gray Man is not just an ode to Gosling’s versatility but a masterclass in modern-day spy cinema. With its compelling storyline, top-notch action sequences, and deep character exploration, the film is a standout addition to Netflix’s roster and a must-watch for fans of the genre.