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will smith i am legend 2

The I Am Legend Vampires Were Supposed To Look Much Different, Much Better

Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, I Am Legend, has had quite the life. It inspired George Romero’s horror classic, Night of the Living …

2 months ago

Jonathan Majors Isn’t Going to Jail

New York judge Michael Gaffey has refused to sentence convicted assailant Jonathan Majors to any jail time. Indeed, Judge Gaffey …

3 months ago

Marvel Star Thinks Live-Action Anime Needs To Get One Thing Right To Succeed

While discussing his own anime influences Micahel B. Jordan has expressed his opinion on why previous live-action adaptations of anime …

4 months ago

will smith i am legend 2

Will Smith Finally Speaks About I Am Legend 2 With Michael B. Jordan

In 2007, Will Smith paired with director Francis Lawrence to bring audiences what would become a classic piece of sci-fi …

7 months ago

I Am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2: Canceled Because Of Will Smith?

I Am Legend 2 has not seen any production or release updates since the incident with Will Smith at the Oscars and there is no release date.

9 months ago

michael b jordan creed 3

Michael B. Jordan Filmography: His Best Movie Is A Surprising Choice

Michael B. Jordan is about to have his directorial debut with Creed III. We took a deep dive into his filmography and came up with his top 10 films.

11 months ago

michael b. jordan without remorse

Michael B. Jordan’s Best Character Expanding Into An Entire Universe

Michael B. Jordan’s success with Creed has led to talks with Amazon about an expansive shared universe featuring the boxer and his supporting cast through possible more movies, an anime, and a streaming series

1 year ago

michael b jordan jonathan majors

Creed 3 Is Causing Actual Fights To Break Out In Theaters

Creed 3’s fight scenes are so well-executed multiple brawls have broken out across Europe, forcing screenings to be canceled and police to intervene.

1 year ago


Live-Action Dragon Ball Z Movie Happening Thanks To One Superstar Actor?

Michael B Jordan has made it known he wants to direct a live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball Z, and as a lifelong anime fan, he’ll do a much better job than the last time.

1 year ago

michael b jordan jonathan majors

Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Are Comparing Themselves To The Best Actors Ever

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors say they want to have an ongoing collaboration like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

1 year ago

Creed 3 Makes History, Delivers Knock-Out To Marvel

Creed 3 has outperformed expectations and is expected to earn over $50 million in it opening weekend, taking the top spot from Marvel’s Ant-Man 3.

1 year ago

jonathan majors creed 3

How Michael B. Jordan Used Anime To Make Creed 3

Michael B. Jordan loves anime, and with his directorial debut in Creed 3, he used famous tropes and scenes from Naruto and My Hero Academia while making trilogy closer.

1 year ago

I Am Legend 2 With Will Smith And Michael B. Jordan Coming Sooner Than Expected

I Am Legend 2 will start production soon with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan in the leads

1 year ago

Michael B Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Confirms More Movies In The Works For His Best Franchise

Michael B. Jordan has said that there will be a Creed IV and more

1 year ago

michael b jordan marvel

See Michael B Jordan Back In Training For A Big Sequel

Michael B Jordan is coming back for a very anticipated sequel (no, it’s not Fantastic Four) and he got fit to do it.

2 years ago

michael b. Jordan

Exclusive: Michael B. Jordan Returning As Killmonger In Black Panther 2

We’ve exclusively learned that Michael B. Jordan will be returning for Black Panther 2.

3 years ago

hbo max sex and the city

HBO Max Just Cut Its Price In Half

HBO Max is offering a huge discount to new and existing subscribers!

3 years ago

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone Has A New Rocky Project Available Right Now

Rocky Balboa fans are in luck with this latest Sylvester Stallone project.

3 years ago

michael b. jordan

Exclusive: Michael B. Jordan’s Superman Will Cross Over Into The DC Extended Universe

We’ve exclusively learned plans for Michael B. Jordan’s Superman project.

3 years ago

superman lex luthor

R-Rated Superman Project In The Works?

Here’s what we’ve heard about the possibility of an R-rated Superman project.

3 years ago

michael b. jordan tom clancy

Michael B. Jordan Almost Cancelled Due To Naming Controversy

Michael B. Jordan is facing significant backlash around one of his new products. His drink brand is being accused of cultural appropriation

3 years ago

michael b. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan On Whether He’ll Be In Black Panther 2

Michael B. Jordan has recently addressed whether we’ll be seeing him in the sequel Marvel movie.

3 years ago

michael b. jordan

Exclusive: Michael B. Jordan To Replace Henry Cavill As Superman

Michael B. Jordan is the prime candidate to play Superman in the new reboot.

3 years ago

michael b. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Rumored Returning For Black Panther 2

Michael B. Jordan will make a rather surprising return as Killmonger in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, Black Panther 2.

3 years ago

static shock feature

Static Shock Movie Happening, Here’s All We Know

DC superhero Static Shock is finally going to make his way to the big screen.

4 years ago