Live-Action Dragon Ball Z Movie Happening Thanks To One Superstar Actor?

Michael B Jordan has made it known he wants to direct a live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball Z, and as a lifelong anime fan, he'll do a much better job than the last time.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

michael b. jordan
Michael B Jordan

When the title of heavyweight champion of the world just isn’t enough, where else is there to go? We may be getting an answer to that question soon, with Creed 3 director and star Michael B. Jordan considering a live-action Dragon Ball Z film in the near future. According to a write-up at, the Black Panther star has been a fan of the original anime since his youth and has expressed interest in helming a live-action adaptation of the popular series.

Michael B. Jordan has long been open about his affinity for anime, including classic shows such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. The Adonis Creed actor even created a clothing line modeled after Naruto‘s Hidden Leaf Village in 2021. In a recent interview, Jordan discussed his contributions to the Creed film series as both a lead actor and a filmmaker and his aspirations to create and produce more work in the illustrious anime world.

Of course, anime fans have been burned, with live-action adaptations such as Netflix’s Death Note and Cowboy Bebop failing to meet expectations or remain faithful to the source material. However, given Michael B. Jordan’s affinity for Dragon Ball Z and his long-lasting respect for the original show, it seems likely that fans can rejoice in the knowledge that the highly coveted intellectual property would rest in good hands should he be granted the rights to move forward. Of course, we’ve seen what Jordan’s directing skills can bring to the table, courtesy of his directorial debut in Creed 3, which is currently delivering knockout punches at the box office.

michael b jordan jonathan majors
Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed 3

Additionally, long before Michael B. Jordan was a household name, the Dragon Ball Z franchise was given the live-action treatment, much to the chagrin of the massive fanbase. The film in question, 2009’s Dragonball Evolution, was a critical and audience failure, which couldn’t capture the charm or charisma of the source material, currently sitting at an abysmal 15 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. With a passionate director behind the wheel, the series could finally receive the live-action installment it deserves.

The Creed trilogy has seen a revolving door of excellent directors since the first film arrived in 2015. Creed was directed by frequent Michael B. Jordan collaborator Ryan Coogler, while relative newcomer Steven Caple Jr. helmed the second installment. With Michael B. Jordan finally stepping into the director chair to take the third installment to the next level, fans are clamoring to see what he could pull off with Dragon Ball Z’s esteemed rogue’s gallery of overpowered fighters.

During his interview, Michael B. Jordan even specified that Dragon Ball Z served as an essential influence on Creed 3‘s fight scenes and power scaling. While working alongside some of the most talented fight choreographers in the business to produce the Rocky sequel, Jordan explained that the fights are made to feel as intense and otherworldly as high-scale anime fights, bringing to life the incredible strength and training that these athletes display in the ring.