Exclusive: Letitia Wright Reputedly Done With The Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

Letitia Wright marvel cinematic universe

Actress Letitia Wright has publicly faced many obstacles in 2021. There have been controversies surrounding a social media post she made (and later deleted) about COVID-19 vaccinations. Then, in August 2021, she suffered an injury on the set of Black Panther 2. That injury was at first believed to be minor, but was recently revealed to have caused her ongoing health issues. So much so that currently, Black Panther 2’s production has been put on hold until 2022 while she recovers. This has led to many questions surrounding her future as Shuri. Now, the actress herself may have one. Our trusted and proven inside source alleges that Letitia Wright doesn’t want to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she is unwilling to get the vaccine.

This information comes to Giant Freakin Robot from a source that has proven to be in the know with past exclusive reports that are now confirmed. And it makes sense that if Letitia Wright is unvaccinated, she wouldn’t want to return to work for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the actress herself hasn’t publicly disclosed her vaccination status, both The Hollywood Reporter and Newsweek have heard from their sources that she is unvaccinated. During the summer of 2021, Disney issued a mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations on their sets. That mandate reportedly didn’t apply to Black Panther 2, as it was already underway, but will for future Marvel Cinematic Universe productions. If Letitia Wright is unvaccinated and doesn’t want to change that, she may be frustrated and ready to be done with Marvel/Disney.

She wouldn’t be the first actress to leave production in 2021 due to the rise in vaccine mandates. While this hasn’t been a major issue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, it’s happening across Hollywood. At this point, our source shared that Letitia Wright is unwilling to get the vaccine and wants to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they didn’t say she’s made any definite steps in that direction, like officially quitting.

There is still plenty of room for Letitia Wright to change her mind if this alleged report is true. Clearly, this would be a big decision for her. Shuri is a great role. Marvel is a massive franchise, and her character could have a long future. She may have faced too many challenges this year and be done with it, or she may decide to work with the studio again in the future. One big question here is whether she’ll be returning to the Black Panther 2 set.

Letitia Wright black panther marvel

While Black Panther 2 is on break right now, there is still more work to do in the new year. Will Letitia Wright want to return to the set to finish this specific movie? We have no information on that. Giant Freakin Robot has previously learned that Marvel decided to move forward with M’Baku (played by Winston Duke) as the new Black Panther. This likely means that he’ll need a fair amount of screen time in Black Panther 2. If she decides she doesn’t want to return even for this movie, then perhaps Marvel will be able to use what she’s filmed so far and rework some of the scenes she was supposed to film previously. Certainly, if she decides not to return, it’s going to throw another wrench in an already complicated production for Marvel.

Again, we aren’t sure if she’s set against returning for Black Panther 2. Giant Freakin Robot’s source shared that she doesn’t want to work with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, and we don’t know where that line is drawn or if this allegation is the last word on the subject. She could still change her mind. This is a big decision. Fans will certainly be watching to see what she decides, and how Marvel moves forward with that. But we won’t know anything for sure until she or Disney release an official statement.