Exclusive: Letitia Wright’s Fate In Black Panther 2 Revealed

We've exclusively learned the fate of Letitia Wright's character in Black Panther 2.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Replacing Chadwick Boseman was never going to be an easy task. After the actor who played T’Challa passed away, and Marvel promised they weren’t going to recast his character, the obvious choice to lead Black Panther 2 was Letitia Wright’s Shuri. The character was close with T’Challa, smart, and joined him on his adventures in the first film. However, as production on the sequel has progressed, public reports of problems with her use of social media have continued to circulate and raise questions about her future. Last month, we learned from one of our trusted sources that Marvel had concerns about her views, how she shares them, and how that could affect her future career. As such, our source shared that Marvel was putting backup plans into place. Now, we have an update on Shuri’s fate.

Our trusted and proven inside source has shared that because the production has had problems with Letitia Wright, they’ve made adjustments to the end of Black Panther 2. For most of the sequel, Letitia Wright’s character, Shuri, will be taking on the Black Panther mantle. The movie will now end with Shuri giving that title up. While our source shared that the character will be giving up the role of Black Panther at the end of Black Panther 2, they were unable to confirm the details of what happens in the scene.

Will Letitia Wright pass the title on to another character, so audiences know who will have the lead role moving forward? Will the movie end with no one taking on those responsibilities? That seems unlikely, perhaps only because it seems terrible. Audiences have waited a long time to see who will hold the title in the sequel, and many may find it frustrating if the second movie ends with the fate of the Black Panther role in question yet again.

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It is assumed that characters from Black Panther 2 will show up in other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, likely before a third movie could find a new leader for Wakanda. Hopefully, the movie’s new ending will clarify who will lead them going forward. Since Marvel had some warning signs that they may need a backup plan for replacing Letitia Wright, they’ve hopefully set up the story for the movie in a way that introduces her replacement.

Many have called Letitia Wright’s Shuri one of the most promising Marvel characters. She’s been a fan favorite and an easy choice for Black Panther 2. The cast has been hit hard by the loss of Chadwick Boseman. Those who worked with him report liking him a great deal. Writer and director Ryan Coogler already had a difficult task ahead of him when he had to determine how to write the sequel without Boseman. Having to write a story where Letitia Wright’s character takes on the role in a believable fashion for audiences was already going to be a huge challenge. Now, changing up the ending due to casting decisions seems like another terrible moment for him as he moves forward with this story. Hopefully, he’ll have the right character for the job.