Doctor Strange Faces Naruto In Epic Battle, See Who Wins

YouTuber Dave Ardito uses his acting and film editing skills to craft a battle between Doctor Strange and Naruto.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange had an unlikely crossover event earlier this year, facing off against the titular protagonist from the hit anime series Naruto. In a special effects laden YouTube video, Dave Ardito crafted an epic battle worthy of an MCU salary using CGI, some clever video editing tricks and techniques, and his own acting talent to portray both magic users locked in battle, while crafting a gripping narrative befitting of the hilarious source material. The video is just over 4 minutes long, and serves as a proof of concept for an intense Captain America: Civil War style battle between the two iconic heroes.

In the video, simply titled Naruto vs. Doctor Strange, Ardito picks up where the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home left off, humorously displaying a final parting interaction between Doctor Strange and Peter Parker. Soon afterwards, Naruto Uzumaki shows up, ramen noodles in hand, ready to characteristically cause trouble through misunderstanding. Doctor Strange instantly clocks Naruto’s presence as one not from this universe and, just like in No Way Home, banishes the variant into a holding cell with invisible barriers.

Naruto drops and spills his ramen bowl, sparking a chaotic battle of magic and physical combat.

What follows is an intense showing of Dave Ardito’s excellence in video editing and special effects, as well as a testament to the growing visual effects capabilities of modern computers, allowing YouTubers and content creators at large to craft videos that look more like high grossing blockbusters The Doctor Strange fight against Naruto was uploaded 7 months ago to Ardito’s audience of nearly 4 million subscribers, and since then the creator has crafted a series of super-fight crossover events as well as an $800 cash giveaway. Ardito describes himself as a “Real life anime character” and his interests are on full display in his videos featuring such popular characters as One Punch Man‘s Saitama, Goku from Dragonball Z, and even the Titans from Attack On Titan.

Throughout the fight, Doctor Strange and Naruto exchange blows for an audience of over 5.7 million views. Fans of popular meme culture will also be delighted to see the inclusion of well known audio cues and other comedic references such as the ‘vine boom’ sound effect and the ‘bruh’ audio, employed with excellent timing. The skit also features a series of hilarious references to both corners of the characters’ respective intellectual property, from the use of ramen as a plot device a la Naruto, to the utterance of the phrase “I can do this all day” from Chris EvansCaptain America films.

According to his Youtube ‘about’ section, Dave Ardito hails from Germany and has held his account since March of 2020, amassing over 1.6 billion views for his incredible short films such as Naruto vs Doctor Strange. Perhaps a Hollywood feature film is in his future, for now we’ll just have to subscribe to see.