Michael B. Jordan’s Best Character Expanding Into An Entire Universe

Michael B. Jordan's success with Creed has led to talks with Amazon about an expansive shared universe featuring the boxer and his supporting cast through possible more movies, an anime, and a streaming series

By Chad Langen | Published

michael b jordan creed 3

Not only does Michael B Jordan star in Creed 3, but he also directed the film, which recently took the box office by storm and racked up nearly $100 million globally in its debut weekend. In addition to the threequel’s immediate success proving that the long-running Rocky franchise still has plenty of juice left in its tank, it may also pave the way for an entire Amazon universe consisting of movies and television shows. According to Deadline, Jordan has reportedly met with Amazon to spearhead a Creed-verse for the tech giant.

Because the discussions between Michael B Jordan and Amazon are in the very early stages, details surrounding the potential Creed universe are scarce, according to Deadline. However, the outlet said that an anime series tied to the Rocky spinoff series is currently in the works. There are also reportedly several ideas that have been pitched to Amazon, including a project revolving around Adonis Creed’s daughter Amara, who Mila Davis-Kent portrayed in Creed 3.

Last year, it was reported that a Drago spinoff film was being developed, which would center on Russian boxer Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and his son Viktor (Florian Munteanu). Lundgren was first introduced as Ivan in Rocky IV as the title character’s foe, while Munteanu made his franchise debut as the adversary of Michael B Jordan’s Creed in 2018’s Creed 2. The project reportedly already has a script in place by Robert Lawton.

Whether or not a universe centered around the Rocky spin-off comes to fruition remains to be seen. For now, both Michael B Jordan and Amazon are undoubtedly basking in the success of Creed 3, which has earned over $117 million worldwide in less than two weeks. In addition, the threequel has already surpassed its $75 million budget despite being the first entry in the Rocky franchise not to feature Sylvester Stallone.

michael b jordan jonathan majors
Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed 3

Along with its stellar box office showing, the Michael B Jordan-directed picture has received much praise from critics and audiences alike. On Rotten Tomatoes, Creed 3 is certified fresh, with a score of 88 percent from professional critics. Meanwhile, the movie has a remarkable score of 96 percent from audiences with over 5,000 ratings.

Directed by Michael B Jordan, Creed 3 sees the titular character thriving in both his career and family life. When a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, however, the face-off is far more than just a fight. In addition to Jordan, the film stars Jonathan Majors, Tessa Thompson, Woody Harris, Phylicia Rashad, Mila Davis-Kent, Selenis Leyva, Spencer Moor II, and Tony Bellew.

As we wait and see if Michael B Jordan’s Creed-verse comes together at Amazon, we have plenty of projects to look forward to from the 36-year-old star. He’s set to headline several upcoming movies, including an adaptation of the Tom Clancy best-selling novel Rainbow Six and an untitled Thomas Crown Affair flick. He’s also attached to produce the forthcoming Static Shock film and the sci-fi fantasy movie The Broken Earth.