Michael B. Jordan Starring In Rainbow Six, Our Scoop Confirmed

Paramount has now confirmed our exclusive report that Michael B. Jordan is starring in a Rainbow Six film.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

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It pays to have good intel. Paramount has confirmed our exclusive report that Michael B. Jordan will return to his Without Remorse character, John Clark, in an adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the announcement, which also revealed that John Wick director Chad Stahleski will helm the Jack Ryan spin-off.

The film will follow Michael B. Jordan as John Clark, an elite Navy SEAL who heads a counterterrorism unit called Rainbow under the codename Rainbow Six. Without Remorse, Jordan’s first turn in the role, was released in April of 2021 directly to Amazon Prime due to the instability of the theatrical market. Paramount plans to release Rainbow Six in theaters, but it is too early to tell whether that choice will stick.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six novel was released in 1998 to mixed reviews. Many critics praised the book for its James Bond-like action and plotting, while others disparaged the book for its thin characters and its portrayal of radical environmentalists as the story’s villains. Whether Michael B. Jordan will be up against eco-terrorists in Stahleski’s Rainbow Six is unknown, but the film will have more than Clancy’s book to draw from.

The 1998 novel inspired a series of Rainbow Six video games that expanded on the premise of Clark’s counterterrorism organization. The games innovated the first-person shooter format with an emphasis on a tactical approach to each mission. Michael B. Jordan could be up against an array of threats in Rainbow Six, as plot details for the film have not yet been announced.

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Michael B. Jordan in Creed III

Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be joined by another Marvel star in Rainbow Six, with Ant-Man actor Michael Peña circling a role in Rainbow. Peña is set to appear in the upcoming fourth and final season of Amazon’s Jack Ryan, which will supposedly set up the Rainbow Six film and connect the cinematic worlds of Clancy’s John Clark and Jack Ryan.

Without Remorse released to lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike. It seems Paramount is banking on the star power of Michael B. Jordan and the appeal of a Tom Clancy cinematic universe to fuel Rainbow Six.

Michael B. Jordan will be plenty busy leading up to his action-packed outing in Rainbow Six. Jordan will face off with co-star Jonathan Majors in Creed III, a sequel to the Rocky spin-off series that Jordan originated with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. The boxing epic hits theaters on March 3, 2023, and marks Jordan’s debut as a film director.

Chad Stahleski, the accomplished stuntman turned filmmaker, will direct Michael B. Jordan in Rainbow Six. Following the massive success of the John Wick franchise, Stahleski’s calendar has blown up. The filmmaker is set to helm several projects in addition to Rainbow Six, including an adaptation of the 2020 video game Ghosts of Tsushima and a remake of the 1986 film Highlander, which is rumored to star Henry Cavill.

Despite the mediocre reception of Without Remorse, Paramount is full steam ahead with Michael B. Jordan and the Rainbow Six film. The studio’s release strategy and plans for expansion of the action franchise are still in flux, but for fans of Tom Clancy, there is hope for an exciting future on the big screen.