Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Get The Honest Trailer Treatment

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of our favorite movies of the year, sci-fi, comic book, or otherwise. It combines the high adventure and wit of an Indiana Jones movie with the swashbuckling space opera of Star Wars, and that’s a good time. But we won’t pretend it’s perfect or without it’s peculiar flaws, we just don’t care about them because the rest is so damn much fun. However, if there are certain problems about Marvel’s deep space actioner that just stick in your craw, you’ll probably find them here, in the Guardians of the Galaxy Honest Trailer.

I’m honestly not usually a big fan of these videos, but this one is actually pretty funny. The Screen Junkies crew does their usual shtick, pointing out obvious hiccups and issues, like how this is Marvel’s attempt to make a Star Wars movie (which I don’t think necessarily think is a problem), and how the villain, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) is woefully underdeveloped. But they admit that they’re reaching most of the time, acknowledging that Guardians is a pretty good movie.

Most of the jabs, however, seemed to be squarely aimed at Marvel itself, and how they know they can do just about anything and people will see it. I love the bit about how they’re so drunk on their own power they just went ahead and made a movie “starring a fucking raccoon and a fucking tree.” And it still turned out to be the biggest movie of the year. That’s power right there.

One thing they did point out that I never really considered is how much the Guardians team resembles the Avengers. Obviously on the surface I got this, they’re a team of superheroes, but I never actually thought about just how strong and serious the parallels are. Star-Lord, like Captain America, is the leader from another time and place. Gamora is a leather-clad, badass assassin, similar to Black Widow. Drax is a big, buff guy with well-defined abs who doesn’t understand everyday things in a Thor-like way. Groot is the tough, giant, incoherent guy, like the Hulk. And, of course, Rocket is the Tony Stark-esque tech genius with a drinking problem. They truly are the “Space Avengers.”

guardians of the galaxyGuardians of the Galaxy, along with a glut of bonus features of all varieties, hit Blu-ray and DVD today (it’s been available digitally for a few weeks), and I imagine that there are probably more than a few of us who will be watching this from the comfort of our own couches tonight.

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