Learn Why Isaac Asimov Yelled At Dan Aykroyd During The Filming Of Ghostbusters

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Even the most famous and successful of actors or writers or directors still have other talented people that they idolize and admire. As cool as an exterior as they put off, I’m sure there are still people out there that could make Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep self-conscious and have them nervously stumbling over their words during a face-to-face meeting. Case in point: Ghostbusters writer/actor Dan Aykroyd, who was a huge admirer of science fiction legend Isaac Asimov. He actually got to meet Asimov in person during the filming of Ghostbusters…but unfortunately, it was not a happy meeting.

The story comes by way of the folks over at Blastr, who explain that the confrontation occurred while the movie was filming the final rooftop showdown between the Ghostbusters and Gozer in New York City. They were filming in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and the shoot necessitated shutting down several streets in the area. As you might imagine, this created a huge traffic snarl…and guess who got stuck in it.

Asimov eventually found out what was causing the traffic jams and made his way to the set, where he proceeded to chew Dan Aykroyd a new one for mucking up his commute. Can you imagine? I have no idea what security was like during the shoot, but I’m sure Asimov couldn’t just walk in and go right up to Aykroyd without being accosted by security guards. So I’m betting he probably told them who he was and asked to see somebody in charge. In my head I can just see Aykroyd’s face beaming after being told “There’s a Mr. Isaac Asimov here to see you.” And then there he is, in your face, yelling at you. Talk about mixed emotions.

So there you have it, Hollywood, consider it a life lesson: don’t screw with the commutes of famous science fiction writers. They will find you!