Israeli Apocalypse Thriller jeruZalem Debuts Large-Scale First Images

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

jeruZalemHere at GFR, we’re pretty used to things trying to destroy the world as we know it. More often than not, Earth’s population falls victim to roaming hordes of zombies, or extremely contagious pathogens of differing origins. But we’re not sure exactly what’s going on in jeruZalem, the second feature from Israeli directors Doron and Yoav Paz, but at least we have some imagery to go along with their vague synopsis.

The Paz Brothers recently spoke with Bloody Disgusting and revealed the inspirations behind the production, as well as the very first jeruZalem stills. These are some pretty interesting pictures that give the film scope, as well as a skinny-armed potential threat. The brothers’ description of how they created the film makes me a little wary, as it sounds like there might be some F.P.V. shots as well as normal cinematography.

But first, the plot: While on vacation in Jerusalem, three American tourists are unwittingly trapped within the city’s walls as an “apocalyptic event” quickly makes its way around the city. Considering this is also tied into religion and Judgment Day, I seriously doubt we’re going to see undead people or aliens here. Will these tourists be running away from actual demons? I’m not sure, but I’m game to find out.

jeruZalemThe filmmakers explain that the vision behind the film was ther family trips to Jerusalem when they were kids, where they heard legends of ancient bones being buried almost everywhere within the city, which they thought was a perfect set-up for a horror flick. But it’s here where Google Glass comes into it and my eyebrows go straight up into the air.

“Around the time we started working on jeruZalem, we read about Google’s new ground breaking gadget – the Google Glass. As filmmakers, we thought – this could be a great and interesting way of screenwriting. Using this technology, we can take the audience inside the head of the character (Sarah) and using social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter etc.) as a dramatic engine to the story. This way the viewers can have the real experience of the protagonist (Sarah) running for her life while all hell breaks loose. We believe that ‘jeruZalem’ offers the audience an exciting combination of traditional cinema together with a great, new, up-to-date way of storytelling.”

It’s not as if I’m going to let some Google Glass imagery get in the way of what might be a stellar thriller. But this image doesn’t make me think “timeless horror movie.”

jeruZalemBut that’s all right, because everything else is interesting and large-scale. The two images below look like they’re focused on the film’s deadlier forces. Check out those wings!

jeruZalemAnd look at that…shadow?

jeruZalemjeruZalem is currently in post-production, so it’s possible we may be watching demons fly around before the year is over with. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out the brothers’ feature debut, the 2009 agoraphobic drama Phobidilia, though you may have to look hard to track it down.