Intelligence Channels The Six-Million-Dollar Man: Today In Science & Science Fiction

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

IntelligenceCBS is a network that is almost never on our radar. It’s pretty much an unbroken sea of cop procedurals, which is great if you love cop procedurals but not wonderful if you prefer your entertainment a bit heavier on the aliens and spaceships. The one exception to this is Person of Interest, which has evolved from a standard procedural with a sci-fi twist into a more interesting exploration of artificial intelligence. Tonight another potential gem joins CBS’ primetime line-up…but it could just as easily be a dud.

Intelligence stars Lost’s Josh Holloway in a story that basically sounds like a less silly version of Chuck. The Man Who Was Sawyer is a highly trained intelligence operative named Gabriel Vaughan who is given a further advantage over the nation’s enemies via a microchip implanted in his brain. Naturally, this lets him connect his noggin directly to the interwebs, and it’s a credit to Vaughan’s professionalism that he doesn’t just spend all the time watching porn when he’s supposed to be overthrowing ruthless dictators or assassinating terrorists.

It’s a concept that could really go either way, but they’ll get our eyeballs for the premiere episode tonight, if nothing else. Intelligence premieres tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

Gabriel and Riley must rescue the kidnapped member of CyberCom who invented the chip implanted in Gabriel’s brain before the top-secret technology falls into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Gabriel takes advantage of his chip to search for his wife who disappeared years ago.

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