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Netflix Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Series Changed TV Forever And Still Wows New Fans

In 2024, serialized television dramas are all the rage, with new shows such as The Bear, Severance, and Fallout relying …

1 week ago

Lost Star Calls Character Death Worst Heartbreak Of Career

Lost star Maggie Grace—also known for her portrayals in the Taken and Twilight franchises—recently opened up regarding her relatively short …

2 weeks ago

The Coolest Time Machines In Movies And Television

We here at GFR decided to put our heads together and make our picks for the best time machines we’ve …

3 weeks ago

babylon 5 movie

Babylon 5 Is A Sci-Fi Masterpiece For One Important Reason

While it’s not held in the same regard as Star Trek or Star Wars, Babylon 5 is one of the …

3 weeks ago

The Rise Of Skywalker Directing Choice Star Wars Actors Turned Into A Joke

All these years later, most Star Wars fans are still trying to figure out what went wrong with The Rise …

1 month ago

evangeline lilly

Evangeline Lilly, Marvel And Sci-Fi Star, Leaves Acting In Shocking Post

Evangeline Lilly is stepping away from acting for the foreseeable future. The actress made the announcement in a post on …

1 month ago

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Modern Sci-Fi Has Forgotten What Made The Genre Great

Ask 100 people for the definition of science fiction, and you’ll get 100 different answers, all of which can be …

1 month ago

Netflix Can Turn Classic Utopian Novel Into Perfect Sci-Fi Thriller Series

It’s incredible how many of the best screenplays, powering the best films and series, derive from works of fiction: Blade …

1 month ago

The Sci-Fi Series That Makes Lost Look Easy To Follow Did Everything Wrong

In the wake of Lost, television networks scrambled to create a hit sci-fi series in the mold of J.J. Abrams’s …

2 months ago

Lost Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Sci-Fi Television

The American sci-fi drama series Lost, which premiered its first season in September 2004, almost twenty years ago, had incredible …

2 months ago

babylon 5

90s Sci-Fi Series That Re-Invented The Genre Deserves Your Attention Today

If there is a sci-fi series more under appreciated not only for its quality, but for how it helped re-shape …

2 months ago

Vintage Sci-Fi Movie Posters For Alternate Versions We Need To See

Hollywood history is full of could’ve beens, alternate versions of sci-fi movies that never quite came about. If there are …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Thriller That Changed Television Forever

Today, serialized dramas can be found all over the television landscape, with shows such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, …

5 months ago

Disney+ Gets The Sci-Fi Thriller Series That Changed Television Forever

Lost, an ABC science-fiction thriller television series, is often regarded as one of the best television releases ever made, and …

6 months ago

Lost Being Revived In The Craziest Way?

After more than a decade since its lackluster series finale, there’s a chance that audiences will once again get to …

9 months ago

Emilie de Ravin: What Happened To Her After Lost?

After Lost, Emilie de Ravin starred on Once Upon A Time and then took a moderate break while having two children with her now-husband.

1 year ago

Sci-Fi Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner

Sci-fi tv shows that went on too long include Lost, Supernatural, and ALF.

1 year ago

9 Most Shocking Television Deaths

We go through the nine most shocking fictional television deaths in the history of the medium.

1 year ago


Lost Showrunner Horrified At Allegations The Show Was Racist

A new book claims a racist environment behind the scenes on the hit series Lost.

1 year ago

10 Most Disappointing Finales In Television History

The worst TV finales include The Sopranos, Dexter, and Seinfeld.

1 year ago

A Lost Star Hated The Best Seasons Of The Hit Series

Lost star Evangeline Lilly admits she can’t watch the first two seasons because her work as Kate is, to her, “not very good.”

1 year ago

michael keaton

Michael Keaton Backed Out Of The Greatest Television Series Of All Time

Michael Keaton was cast as Jack Shepard in Lost, but he backed out when the character was changed to survive the pilot episode.

1 year ago


See The Cast Of Lost Reunite For A Bittersweet And Rare Reunion

Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, and Harold Perrineau shared a rare reunion picture featuring part of the cast of Lost.

2 years ago

matthew fox

Lost Star Matthew Fox Is Making A Comeback

Matthew Fox is making a comeback. He’s been out of the limelight for some time now, but this new project will put him back in the mix

3 years ago

evangeline lily

Why Evangeline Lilly Was Cancelled

Evangeline Lilly was cancelled and we have the story of how it happened.

3 years ago

Lost Reboot: Original Showrunners Not Involved

The plan is for the rebooted version of Lost to be “more mature”.

mira furlan

Mira Furlan Of Babylon 5 And Lost Is Dead

Mira Furlan, well-known for her roles on Babylon 5 and Lost, passed away this week. Fans and colleagues were stunned by the news.

3 years ago


Sci-Fi’s 10 Most Annoying Characters

Let’s hear it for the absolute worst.

5 years ago


Lost The Musical Gives Audiences A Chance To Choose Their Own Ending

In the world of TV fandom, some of the main arguments you hear are “Simpsons vs. Family Guy” and “Breaking …

10 years ago