Hasbro Freezing Jar Jar In Carbonite For Comic-Con

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Ah, it’s that magical time of year when Comic-Con is nearly upon us. For those planning to hit up the event jokingly referred to by some as “Nerd Prom,” there’s a lot to look forward to. Maybe you’re a panel junkie hoping to see some famous people and be the first to see new footage and surprises. Maybe you’re an aspiring artist/writer/filmmaker eager to pound the pavement and do some crucial networking. Or maybe you’ve been saving your pennies to hit the dealer’s room floor and grab all the Con-exclusive merchandise. If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll definitely want to hit up Hasbro’s booth, because they’re making fan dreams come true and freezing Jar Jar Binks in carbonite.

Yes, that top package is indeed the reviled Mr. Binks frozen in a block of the substance once used to turn Han Solo into a wall decoration for Jabba the Hutt. The Jar Jarbonite figure is part of the “Vintage Special Edition Carbonite Chamber Collector’s Pack” that will be available at Hasbro’s booth during the con. IGN has the details about the Star Wars set, as well as several other exclusives, but honestly it’s hard to beat the Jar Jar figure. Sure, George may have lost his mind these days, but at least somebody involved with Star Wars still understands the concept of fan service.

Here’s the official description of the Star Wars exclusive:

Pretend to visit an alternate reality with this incredible package of seven 3.75” STAR WARS figures — one figure from each film in the Saga, and one figure only available in this collectible set. Each figure is individually carded with packaging that pays tribute to a “lost” line look that Kenner considered before going with their classic black-and-silver look! This Comic-Con special edition pack will be fans’ first chance to get the “lost” packaging, available this fall as variants in the STAR WARS VINTAGE COLLECTION line. In addition, this special collector’s pack will be the only place to get an exclusive treat for fans — a 3.75” carded JAR JAR BINKS in CARBONITE, which will be hidden in the center of the packaging and can be revealed by raising it through the “CARBONITE CHAMBER” top of the case. The other figures included are a standard JAR JAR BINKS (EPISODE I), CLONE TROOPER LIEUTENANT (EPISODE II), SHOCK TROOPER (EPISODE III), SANDTROOPER (EPISODE IV), PRINCESS LEIA (EPISODE V) AND DARTH VADER (EPISODE VI).

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