The World’s End Begins Virtual Pub Crawl And Plans Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt

first postWhile the release of Star Trek Into Darkness earlier this year was an important film for science fiction fans (regardless of those fans’ enjoyment factor), I think the most anticipated movie of the year for geeks in general is Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, the third entry in the Three Flavours Cornettos Trilogy. With the decent-but-disappointing taste of Paul now washed from our mouths, we can get ready to watch Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reteam to face more aliens, albeit in an entirely different scenario.

And entirely different scenarios are what these guys are all about, right down to their promotions. Just the other day, the film began its 12-day virtual pub crawl, in which different popular film blogs will each host one of the film’s exclusive posters promoting the pub locations showcased in the film. I’ll admit that printing these posters out and putting them up on the walls in my dining room won’t in any way give me a connection with the film that just watching it wouldn’t give me, but $300 worth of frames isn’t going to buy itself. You can follow the poster releases on the film’s Facebook page, where you’ll find ComingSoon, JoBlo, ScreenCrush, and Crave have already put their posters out there. The one up top is for The First Post, and you can find the next three below.

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Useful Comic-Con Warning Signs

As we speak, Comic-Con 2012 is in the midst of the biggest day of its four-day run. While there will still be plenty going on tomorrow, the biggest and most high-profile events either have unfolded and many people will be heading home tonight. So perhaps it’s time to start looking ahead to Comic-Con 2013, and more specifically the various ways that everything could be made to move more smoothly for next year’s convention. After all, each summer brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to downtown San Diego, and that sort of gathering demands some simple rules. Such as:



Hasbro Freezing Jar Jar In Carbonite For Comic-Con

Ah, it’s that magical time of year when Comic-Con is nearly upon us. For those planning to hit up the event jokingly referred to by some as “Nerd Prom,” there’s a lot to look forward to. Maybe you’re a panel junkie hoping to see some famous people and be the first to see new footage and surprises. Maybe you’re an aspiring artist/writer/filmmaker eager to pound the pavement and do some crucial networking. Or maybe you’ve been saving your pennies to hit the dealer’s room floor and grab all the Con-exclusive merchandise. If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll definitely want to hit up Hasbro’s booth, because they’re making fan dreams come true and freezing Jar Jar Binks in carbonite.

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Watch All 5 Star Trek Captains Together For The First Time In An Hour Long Video

If you’re a huge Star Trek fan, and let’s face it, most of the people that frequent this website surely are, you won’t want to miss this. A few weeks ago Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia managed to wrangle the five captains from each of the Star Trek television series – William Shatner from TOS, Patrick Stewart from TNG, Avery Brooks from Deep Space Nine, Kate Mulgrew from Voyager, and Scott Bakula from Enterprise – into one room for a panel of epic proportions. They’d never been together, all at once, ever before.

Shatner wasted no time making passes at the lovely host of the panel, but eventually he and his proteges answer a wide range of questions from the audience about events as far back as Shatner being offered the role of James T. Kirk. Check out the entire hour long clip below courtesy of GeekNation.

UPDATE: If you’re having problems with the embed below, you can try downloading it directly as an MP4 file here

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Flynn’s Arcade Returns To Comic Con With New Surprises

Flynn’s Arcade opened it’s doors for a second year at the San Diego Comic Con tonight. While on the outside it looked the same, on the inside the arcade hid huge new surprises for Tron fans. Take a look inside with this video walkthrough:

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60 Photos From The TRON: Legacy Comic Con Panel

Aside from the excellent trailer which was released online minutes afterward here, nothing particularly earthshattering happened at the TRON: Legacy Comic Con panel. Last year they blew our minds with the first ever images from the film, but now we’ve seen two trailers and tons of images and it’s really just a waiting game until the movie gets released.

That said, the cast was there and any time you get a chance to hang out with Jeff Bridges, it’s worth your time. After the jump we have a gallery of more than 60 images from the Tron: Legacy panel. It’s your chance to see the Flynns in their natural habitat. Take a look and then let the waiting commence. TRON: Legacy hits theaters on December 17th.

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