Han Solo Will Keep Your Lights On All Night Long

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

For the Star Wars fan who has everything — like this guy does — finding a present can be a chore. That’s assuming the “everything” that the Star Wars fan has includes kind-hearted friends.

Etsy store owner Wicked Studio recently sold off one of the coolest light switch covers I’ve seen in a while. (Oh, did I not mention that this is a story about a light switch cover?) And as the object’s description says, “The Force is hard with this one.” The design is a pretty spectacular match for Han Solo’s carbonite encasement. But nobody is deliverig him to Jabba the Hutt this go around. He’s just there to make sure you don’t electrocute yourself when you’re trying to turn a light on.

Speaking of turning things on, the seller knowingly designed this thing so that the light switch is protruding from Solo’s crotch. “Look Ma, no Hans.” Perhaps you’d like to flip the way the switch works around, so that when the lights are on, he’s flaccid; but when the darkness comes, he can be Hung Solo all by himself. I’m pretty sure that’s why he kept his hands like that when they froze him. It measures 10x4x1.5 inches – the switch plate, I mean – and is completely handmade. This isn’t the Galactic Empire’s Dollar General ware you’re looking at here.

Hokey dimmer switches and ancient on buttons are no match for a light switch that is made to look like Han Solo’s wang. Though the shop sold the initial item, the seller says more will be up by next week. Keep an eye out, but don’t poke an eye out.

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