Godzilla May Tussle With A Giant Spider

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

KumongaGodzilla is most known for stomping through large urban metropolises—he seems to have a particular disdain for the city of Tokyo—but over the years he’s also battled his share of nasty beasts and angry mutant creatures. Just because you’re a skyscraper-tall monster doesn’t always mean that you’re safe from other massive animals. The King of the Monsters has tussled with the likes of Mothra, King Ghidora, Destroyah, and even Mechagodzilla, a robotic version of himself. We’ve heard rumblings that multiple monsters could appear in director Gareth Edwards’ (Monsters) reboot of the venerable franchise, and it’s possible a toy company just told us that this latest nemesis could take the form of a giant spider.

This happens more and more often lately, that a toy comes out in advance of a movie, and spoils some element of it, or at least reveal some as yet unreleased detail. That is, of course, if the description leaked at Urban Collector turns out to be accurate. From what they have to say, one of the creatures Godzilla may have to face could be a creepy, crawly, eight-legged spider named Muto.

If this is indeed the case, it won’t be the first time Godzilla have faced off with a giant spider. In 1967’s Son of Godzilla, the King came to blows with a rather over sized arachnid named Kumonga. There’s no word on whether the two are related, or if they simply decided a big ass spider is a scary thing to fight, but Kumonga was a large spider native to Sogellel Island, but after a failed UN experiment exposed it to a radiation storm, it grew to be a 45-meter tall, Godzilla-fighting machine, so to speak.

Back in July, some lucky fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to the first look at the upcoming film. The bulk of the attention was understandably paid to what Godzilla himself looks like, but it was reported sightings of mysterious, insect looking legs. Perhaps they were the first to catch a glimpse of Muto, or at least the first to see him and live to tell the tale.

Godzilla doesn’t stomp into theaters until May 16, 2014, but production has been making noise all over the place, from Vancouver, BC, where residents saw trains full of missiles, to Hawaii, where unaware beachgoers came across what looked like a real life disaster. The reworked giant lizard movie stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston, and Edwards is working from a script from Frank Darabont, David S. Goyer, Max Borenstein, and Dave Callaham.

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