Godzilla Begins As The World Ends With This Theater Banner

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

In just five (hopefully very short) months, audiences will finally get to spend a couple of hours witnessing the mass destruction that only a giant lizard can provide. Godzilla will certainly leave giant footprints all over the nation’s theaters, and if we’re to believe the first sighting of the film’s theater banner below, he’ll be taking over much more.

“The World Ends. Godzilla Begins.” While somewhat awkward to say aloud, it’s still a solid tagline to get people, or at least me, pumped for the film’s arrival. I can’t quite tell what the image is in the background of the deep-red lettering. It looks like a coastline of some kind, or maybe just Godzilla’s tail. I want to know! Thanks to Instagram user “Mamehiro_K” for taking the picture, but I certainly wish there was some kind of context given. Or even a better angle. In case you guys wondered: yes, I’m stamping my foot and whining.

Considering the film will release in Japan on July 25, well after most international markets, it seems like American theaters should be getting getting similar decorations in the near future. I’m thinking a life-size replica of the beast standing outside would be nice, and everyone could walk under his legs. There probably wouldn’t be any problems with that.

On the smaller scale, publishing company Running Press officially revealed the stickerbook and toy set that we got a peek at a while back. I’d like to say that I’m too old to be playing with toys that light up and make noise, but I would definitely push family pictures off of my fireplace mantle to give this guy a central spot. And then I’d let my daughter play with the stickers. Oh, okay, no I wouldn’t. Check the $12.95 set out below.

godzilla toy

As a reboot of such a treasured franchise, and one that will hopefully wipe that dreaded 1998 version out of everyone’s tortured memory banks, Godzilla is the rare film that doesn’t necessarily need a huge advertising campaign to make people familiar with it. But still, it’s only five months from now and we’ve gotten a couple of posters and a trailer that absolutely rocked my socks off, but which didn’t really show us what the film is about, beyond a shitload of action and military maneuvers.

Check out that trailer below, where you can catch glimpses of stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Sally Hawkins, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe, and David Strathaim.