Decorate Your Home With Trench Run Wall Tiles And A Transporter Shower Curtain

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-1Home decor is something that is highly important to a lot of folks, even those who spend so much time decorating that they never actually have people over to visit and look at their handiwork. But anybody with their own personal home theater is definitely going to have company on a regular basis, and it only makes sense to make it look as good as possible. Tom Spina Designs did just that, creating wall designs based on the look of the Death Star trench run from Star Wars, and they look freakin’ awesome. Since no theater is complete without a bathroom, we also have some sweet Star Trek decorations to accompany your tinkling and tooting.

For their unnamed client, the design company created “14 master tile sculptures, each 12″x12″ with a depth of 3″-4″,” and a total of 120 tiles were applied to the theater’s walls. Instead of just illustrations of all the details, they made them all stick out 3D style, recognizable from far away but really awesome once you get close and see the details they added.

As if that weren’t enough, they also produced several mannequins for the homeowner to display his replica movie costumes. Since mass-produced mannequins aren’t made to fit all costumes, TSD created custom mannequins to fit each costume. Check out the tiles below, followed by a video displaying the entire home theater. P.S. If anyone would like to show me how great this is by paying for a theater to be added on to my home, then GFR will be your best friend.

star wars tiles

star wars tiles

star wars costume

The only thing it’s probably missing is this rather perverse Han Solo lightswitch cover.

Speaking of perverse, let’s take a trip into the bathroom, where all kinds of fun things can happen. If you thought it was all about baths and toothbrushes, you’re completely wrong. You can now teleport in and out of there thanks to ThinkGeek, who is offering up some officially licensed Star Trek goods in the form of a shower curtain and bath mat, both of which are sure to geek up your next soap up. Remember, cleanliness is right next to cool movie swag.

At fifty bucks, this is a rather extravagant addition to your home, and it doesn’t seem like a transporter actually works, but we’re still interested. All we need now is a rubber ducky with Vulcan ears.

star trek shower curtain