Chloe Grace Moretz Could Have Starred In Star Wars: Episode VII

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

As details emerge from Lucasfilm and Disney about what went into the decision to hire J.J. Abrams as the new director of Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s clear that Abrams was always part of their “Plan A.” But as for their “Plan B,” details are coming to light that actor Chloë Grace Moretz could have starred in the new Star Wars movie if Disney and Lucasfilm had gone with director Matthew Vaughn instead.

Like this, but with less blood and more lightsabers.
Like this, but with less blood and more lightsabers.

A few weeks ago, a mysterious tweet from /Film editor-in-chief and founder Peter Sciretta posed a hypothetical question about the new Star Wars movie. Well, it appears there was some truth to that tweet.


According to /Film, Abrams was the first choice to direct Star Wars: Episode VII after Steven Spielberg turned it down. But when Abrams was on the fence because of his commitments with the Star Trek franchise and Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm met with Matthew Vaughn for the job. Vaughn pitched Lucasfilm his story and ideas for the new Star Wars movie, which featured a female protagonist that would’ve been played by Chloë Grace Moretz. Vaughn had previously worked with Moretz on the movie Kick-Ass in 2010 and thought she would be a good fit for the Star Wars universe.

It’s unclear if Vaughn’s pitch cost the British director the Star Wars job, but it appears Steven Spielberg pushed Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas not to give up on their “Plan A” with J.J. Abrams. Matthew Vaughn was always considered a solid “Plan B” if Abrams’ commitments to Star Trek stood in the way.

It would have been interesting to watch Chloë Grace Moretz wield a lightsaber. If we’ve learned anything from Kick-Ass, she knows how to handle herself in a fight. Watch this clip of Moretz as Hit-Girl and imagine what could have been. A lightsaber butterfly knife sounds like a good idea!