Blood Glacier Teases Its Giant Mutated Beasts On New Poster

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

blood glacierHere in Louisiana, the weather still hasn’t quite adjusted to the time of year we’re in, as hail falls while the sun shines and temperatures are less steady than my one-handed keg stands. Luckily, this isn’t a place where it ever gets cold enough to form gigantic glaciers that start bleeding red for seemingly no reason at all. You just can’t take monster-free living for granted these days. The characters in IFC Midnight’s Blood Glacier get to learn that first-hand, and the stunning theatrical poster seen above gives viewers a damned good idea of the kind of abominations they’ll be fighting against. And by fighting against, I mean running away from while screaming at the top of their lungs.

This sophomore effort from Austrian filmmaker Marvin Kren, who first gave horror fans 2010’s German zombie thriller Rammbock, is inspired by John Carpenter’s seminal classic The Thing, and it wears that inspiration on its sleeve. Set in the German Alps instead of the Antarctic, Blood Glacier centers on a team of scientists doing research at a climate observation station while awaiting the arrival of the Environment Minister. And then the hills start running red, not with the sound of music but of wet squelching and ravenous screeching. Once the blood-like fluid comes into contact with the local wildlife, all bets are off and a horrific evolution starts to take place. (A presumably immediate and impossible-to-believe form of evolution, but we’ll let it fly.)

The two excellent trailers show the grotesque creatures to be a mixture of bugs and birds, and that’s almost exactly what the poster gives us, as one character holds up a flair to the beast’s underside, which is completely insectile, except for the fact that it’s sporting a feathery 30-foot wingspan.

The research team is soon surrounded by a multitude of these things, and we’re assuming they get picked off one by one until somebody figures out how to take them down. And you know what? That level of predictability doesn’t deter me one bit, as Blood Glacier isn’t just a microbudget B-movie that Syfy is promoting. Kren is a beast when it comes to practical effects, and a lot of that is on display in the wordless trailer below.

Formerly known as The Station, this festival hit will ooze into select theaters and onto VOD platforms on May 2. Might I recommend a black-cherry shaved ice to go with your viewing?

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