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The Best Sci-Fi Movie Endings Of All Time

Leave ’em wanting more.

5 days ago

Netflix R-Rated Action Horror From Legendary Director Based On Forgotten Novel

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve probably noticed that everything old is new again, especially with shows like Stranger Things …

6 days ago

The X-Files Fans And Creators All Agree On The Show’s First Great Episode

Once The X-Files hit its stride, this spooky show became an early example of appointment television. The first season was …

1 week ago

X-Files David Lynch

The X-Files Beloved Homage To John Carpenter Is Actually A True Story

When they rewatch “Ice,” most fans of The X-Files assume that this episode was built from the ground up as …

1 week ago

The X-Files Set Too Realistic For Gillian Anderson

The X-Files had many incredible sets, and they helped to make the show’s craziest stories seem that much more realistic. …

1 week ago

Netflix R-Rated Violent Horror Action Gem Gives Master Director Bloody Freedom

Horror fans should head to Netflix to check out one of John Carpenter’s lesser-known but abundantly bloody horror flicks—Vampires, a …

2 weeks ago

Netflix Losing The Best Sci-Fi Secret Masterpiece Of The ’80s

It is hard to imagine that a director as prolific as John Carpenter could be described as having movies that …

3 weeks ago

The Best Sci-Fi Horror Movie Video Game Sequel Teases Revival

Nightdive Studios is a treasure that must be protected at all costs. For evidence, look no further than their recent …

1 month ago

the thing

The Sci-Fi Horror Classic With The Best And Worst Possible Remakes

John Carpenter’s 1982 film The Thing is masterpiece of sci-fi and horror; it also forces us to examine the bittersweet …

3 months ago

The 1980s Sci-Fi Horror Classic Critics Hated And Audiences Ignored

In the more than 40 years since its theatrical release in 1982, it’s hard to believe that The Thing was …

4 months ago

The ’90s R-Rated Sci-Fi Controversial Blockbuster On Max Still Feels Icky Decades Later

These days, it seems that sci-fi horror projects are all the rage, with new spooky technological warnings such as Black …

4 months ago

X-Files Mythology Episodes Made One Fatal Error

The beloved 90s sci-fi series The X-Files was divided into two types of episodes, the standalone monster-of-the-week ones and the …

4 months ago

best dystopian movies

See Kurt Russell Audition For Star Wars In Rare Video

A long time ago, in a galaxy known as California, future Tron star Kurt Russell auditioned for the role of …

6 months ago

The Forgotten Sci-Fi Thriller That Inspired The Thing

Horror fans regard John Carpenter’s iconic film, The Thing, as an utter masterpiece. However, as Paste details, in the shadow of that …

7 months ago

Why The Thing Prequel Wasn’t As Good As John Carpenter’s And How To Fix It

Analyze The Thing the way it seems to want us to see it: by comparing it to the movie that came before.

8 months ago

John Carpenter Claims Popular Theory About His Best Movie Is All Wrong 

The Thing is one of the most chilling horror classics of all time. This John Carpenter film has become a …

9 months ago

The Sci-Fi Horror Prequel On Netflix With Controversial Special Effects

The 2011 sci-fi horror The Thing is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., the movie serves as a prequel …

12 months ago

8 Sci-Fi Villains Perfect For Star Trek 

Here are 8 sci-fi villains who aren’t in Star Trek, but would work amazingly in the franchise.

1 year ago

John Carpenter Teases Fans With A Possible Thing Sequel

John Carpenter hinted to fans that he’s working on a sequel to The Thing.

1 year ago

the thing prequel

The Worst Prequel Of All Time Is At The Top Of The Netflix Charts

The 2011 prequel to The Thing is currently among the top ten most-watched movies on Netflix.

1 year ago

Making John Carpenter’s The Thing Nearly Cost One Actor His Hand

Keith David showed up to work on The Thing’s first day of showing with a severely broken hand, panicking director John Carpenter.

1 year ago

jason momoa marvel

Exclusive: Jason Momoa In Final Talks For Marvel Role

Jason Momoa is close to closing a deal with Marvel Studios to join the MCU.

1 year ago

John Carpenter The Thing

The Best Sci-Fi Horror Film Of All Time Finally Getting A Sequel?

John Carpenter recently said that if the timing was right, he would helm the sequel to his iconic horror film, The Thing.

2 years ago

kurt russell

Kurt Russell’s Best Movie Was A Critical And Box Office Disaster

Kurt Russell’s best film is The Thing, but the movie was a box office diasaster when it was released.

2 years ago

The Thing Reboot With John Carpenter Is Happening

What will the horror master bring to this new version of his classic film?

4 years ago


Cross The Streams: The Leftovers, The Thing And Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning

Howdy, members of the 1992 Olympic stream team. With the summer blockbuster season in full effect, steaming websites have been …

10 years ago

Great Scott!

Back To The Future Cinematographer To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Membership in The American Society of Cinematographers is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a professional cinematographer. The …

11 years ago


The Running Man: The Musical Says F*** You To The Hunger Games

As you might guess from that headline, some of these videos are NSFW. Don’t watch them with your boss standing …

11 years ago