Sherlock Creator Reveals The Perfect End To The Series Fans Desperately Need

By Christopher Isaac | Published

It is no secret that BBC’s Sherlock had quite a devoted following when the show was airing, with many considering it the best adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective put to screen. The only downside is how short each season of the show was, with all four seasons leaving fans with a grand total of just fourteen episodes. At this point, it looks very unlikely the show will continue any further, but co-creator Mark Gatiss has revealed a Sherlock movie is still on the table!

A Movie Is Still Planned

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Mark Gatiss shared the news while at the 2024 Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Receiving the usual questions about whether a continuation of Sherlock could one day be possible, Gatiss shared that he and others who were attached to the show actually want to do a Sherlock movie. “We’d like to make a film but trying to get everyone together is very difficult,” he said. He followed up by making perhaps a partial joke that the interviewer would have to ask Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman about that.

Sherlocks’ Stars Are Busier Than Ever

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It is no secret that since the series started in 2010, both Cumberbatch and Freeman have seen their respective careers make them much more in demand. Cumberbatch has since gone on to become a major star via his role as Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Meanwhile, Freeman has since played a leading role in the Hobbit trilogy as Bilbo Baggins, as well as being cast by Marvel himself as Everett K. Ross. Both stars’ busier schedules were speculated to play a role in the slow release of more Sherlock the TV series, so a Sherlock movie would likewise be contingent on their availability.

The Production Team Has A Busy Schedule As Well

Mark Gatiss himself would also have to find the time in his own schedule to assist with a Sherlock movie. In addition to his work as a writer, he is also very active as an actor (including his role in Sherlock itself as Mycroft Holmes). He has been attached to a variety of significant projects in recent years, such as Game of Thrones, Mission Impossible, and 3 Body Problem.

Getting Things Rolling Again Isn’t That Easy

Elaborating further on the difficulty of the situation while talking at the 2024 Olivier Awards, Mark Gatiss said fans make creating a Sherlock movie sound as easy as waving a magic wand. He noted that with the last episode of Sherlock airing back in 2017, it is very difficult to reengage the interest of all the key parties to get that kind of project moving again. Once actors and creators scatter to new endeavors, it is often a logistical nightmare to bring everyone back at a time when some integral member is not already contracted to another project.

A Movie Sounds Like A No-Brainer

Still, with how enthusiastic the Sherlock fanbase was while it was on TV, it does sound like a safe assumption that a Sherlock movie could be successful. Although Cumberbatch and Freeman’s increased fame make them more difficult to enlist for this kind of project, it would also likely mean more popularity for any movie they were now involved with. And with how long fans have been waiting for a proper send-off to Sherlock, this could be a huge event if it is able to manifest.

Source: Deadline