Netflix True Story Series Debuts With 100% On Rotten Tomatoes And Is Climbing The Charts

By Jason Collins | Published

Netflix has nearly perfected its selection process for its content on its platform, and some of the most recent originals and third-party-produced releases have reached universal acclaim. The newest series, titled Baby Reindeer, is a British drama-thriller miniseries created by Richard Gadd, based on his own play of the same name. However, what makes the series interesting is the fact that it’s based on a true story, and it premiered with a perfect score.

Baby Reindeer Premieres With A 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

As things currently are, Baby Reindeer has the potential to dethrone Unlocked: A Jail Experiment as Netflix’s No. 1 series on streaming. But what’s even more impressive than its potential to reach the top is its score—Baby Reindeer currently has a 100 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes‘ Tomatometer and an 87 percent audience score. Admittedly, those are based on early reviews, of which there are few, but the response the series managed to receive upon release is incredibly high, potentially signaling universal acclaim for the series.

True Story About An Obsessive Stalker

Baby Reindeer centers on a struggling comedian, Donny Dunn, portrayed by Richard Gadd, as he’s relentlessly stalked and harassed by Marthy Scott, portrayed by Jessica Gunning. It starts with Dunn taking pity on Martha at a bar and offering her a free cup of tea, after which she becomes clingy, invades his personal life, and bombards his email inbox. That wouldn’t be as scary if she didn’t start appearing at his workplace each day, lurking both inside and outside his home, and turning up at his performances.

Richard Gadd’s Personal Experience

That in itself is somewhat comedic to some—unrightly so—but what makes the whole story shocking is that Baby Reindeer was based on Richard Gadd’s real-life experiences. So, the fact that the main actor is the actual victim of the true story the series is based upon is nothing short of insane. Is it good filmmaking? Or just an unfortunate turn of events? Well, Richard Gadd opened up about his experience, stating that society believes that being stalked and harassed by a woman doesn’t carry as much threat of physical violence, and it’s so rare that it’s often trivialized.

A One And Done Series

However, that’s far from true, and Gadd shared that he was physically scared because he didn’t know how far his stalker could escalate things. SPOILER ALERT:

The real-life situation was resolved with the stalker receiving nine months in prison and a five-year restraining order. Given the nature of the real-life story, its conclusion, and the fact that the series is based on real events, it’s not likely that we’ll ever receive a second season of Baby Reindeer, which is perfectly okay. Better to leave the dance floor gracefully than to overstay your welcome.

Baby Reindeer Is Now Streaming On Netflix

To those interested in watching Baby Reindeer, please be alarmed. The series also deals with some unsettling themes and some severe consequences of sexual violence in one of the episodes. There’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode in question. Though it may sound like a series in which a man is being stalked by a woman, it’s actually quite a complex narrative dealing with complex themes. Baby Reindeer is currently available on Netflix.