7 Sci-Fi Themed Halloween Costumes You May Want To Avoid

By Brent McKnight | 5 years ago


There is nothing wrong with dressing like Uhura. She’s an incredible character, a badass and a trailblazer, but dressing like her, or really any female character from Star Trek, comes with its own set of complications. You’ll spend all night fending off unwanted advances from every lecherous drunk dick dressed up like Captain Kirk.

humungusMan Thong/Banana Hammock

This sci-fi phenomenon gets its very own subcategory. Dressing like Sean Connery in Zardoz, Voltan from Flash Gordon, or even Humungus from The Road Warrior, takes a certain level of confidence and comfort with your own body that most of us don’t possess. And remember what I said about skintight leopard print? That does double for one of these outfits. If you go out, it will provide a level of coolness and breathability in crowd situations, but forget about stepping outside without shivering. And if you stay home to dole out candy, answering the door and talking to children dressed like this is going to get you a visit from the cops and a place on a list you’d rather not be on. Besides, this was done to death a few years ago after Borat anyway.

So there you have it, a list of potentially hazardous costumes that, while they may initially seem like a good idea, come with their own pitfalls. Are you dressing up this year? Let us know what as below. In six years living in my house, we have never had a single trick or treater, so I usually spend the evening at the dive bar a block away.

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