7 Sci-Fi Themed Halloween Costumes You May Want To Avoid

Halloween dos and don'ts.

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

zardozHalloween is coming, and while there’s always a lot of talk about potentially awesome costume designs, every year people don and assortment of truly questionable outfits. To help steer your holiday in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of sci-fi themes you may want to steer away from to ensure a smooth, hassle free night of handing out candy and getting wasted.

astronautBulky Astronaut

Astronauts are totally awesome and brave and have seen the world from a totally different perspective than anyone else, but dressing up like one can prove problematic. Wear this bulky ensemble to a party and you’ll get tons of compliments, but you’ll also sweat like a damn marathoner and piss off your hosts and other revelers because every time you turn around, you run into someone else or knock over everything in the house. Then again, that’s what people get for going to/throwing a party.

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