Watch Amazing Hovering Race Cars Built Using Quantum Levitation

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

A few months ago we told you about quantum levitation, a process demonstrated in this video which basically allows scientists to do what you saw going on with Marty McFly’s hoverboard in Back to the Future: Part II. They haven’t actually made a hoverboard production model with it yet, but here’s something almost as cool: a race track.

The following video appears to demonstrate quantum levitation being used to create race cards which hover around a track, and race around under the control of operators, just like that slot car track you had when you were twelve. It’s incredible. But is it real? Take a look and decide for yourself…

They say the track was inspired by the awesome video game Wipeout in which you race futuristic, hovering cars around track. Except now it’s not just a video game… it’s real.

Here’s a look at the Wipeout video game for comparison…

UPDATE! The jury is in and, as many suspected, the video has been proven as a fake. It’s a sneaky viral advertisement for the new version of Sony’s Wipeout videogame. The thing is, pulling this off is actually possible using technology like this, but the video in question doesn’t actually show it being done. Full analysis of how they faked it can be found here