Snake Trapped Two Men Indoors, Watch The Video

By Rick Gonzales | 1 month ago


You’ve just finished up an evening shift at work and are just looking to go home, kick your feet up and relax. But you can’t. Why? You’re trapped by a rattlesnake. This is exactly where Gospel Radio program hosts Miles Kimble and Pastor Lamont Swanigan found themselves as they were getting ready to leave their building after they signed off for the night.

As the video below shows, Kimble and Swanigan were met with “rattling and shaking” as they prepared to go home for the evening. But as they got to the front door of the Forrest City, Arkansas radio station, they discovered an unwelcome presence, a snake blocking their exit.

Sitting on the door handle, which was located perhaps four feet from the ground, was a large (what they thought to be) rattlesnake. How it got up there is anyone’s guess, but these things have been popping up all over the place these days. For these two, that is where the comedy begins.

Pastor Swanigan had his phone rolling video as Mr. Kimble held two golf clubs testing and teasing the snake while the good pastor screamed his dissatisfaction with his partner. “Look at his tongue, Kimble!” Swanigan yelled per Newsweek. “Ew! Ew! No, sir!”

But that didn’t stop Mr. Kimble from continuing to rattle the snake. Kimble can be seen and heard laughing as Pastor Swanigan kept his phone on the snake. “Man, you laughing. I’m serious. Don’t do that, man!” Swanigan yelled. “Leave that thing alone until the police get here! Leave him alone! You can hear him rattling!”


For Kimble’s part, he had the idea of kicking the door open to knock the snake to the ground. Pastor Swanigan asked, no yelled, at Kimble, telling him and those watching “Y’all. This is real. We cannot get out.” He even said he’d stay all night at the radio station. When Kimble began to tap on the glass door, the snake began to strike the door in response. This was not going in the direction these two needed.

The police eventually arrived and got the snake off the door handle. The drama concluded, everyone was safe and sound, right? Well, not exactly. Mr. Kimble decided to open the door and poke the slithery intruder with the golf club, hoping to scare it away from the door, but their new friend wasn’t having any of it.

“No, Kimble! He’s fixing to come in! Oh, Lord, he done came in!” Swanigan was yelling as he ran toward the back of the room. Thankfully though, the police were able to kill the snake and send the scared pastor and his partner home.

The duo eventually was unable to identify the snake, though both thought it to be a rattlesnake. Swanigan exclaimed to THV11, “I was too busy running.”

According to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, killing snakes in Arkansas is illegal unless the snake in question poses an immediate threat to people, pets, or property. They also claim that most snakebites come when people accidentally step on a snake and it needs to defend itself. Snakebites also occur when people purposely attempt to agitate the snake.


People have also put themselves in harm’s way by misidentifying snakes. One misconception is that all venomous snakes are identified by slit pupils. In some cases that is true, for snakes such as copperheads, rattlesnakes, or cottonmouths, but the Arkansas native coral snake, which is quite venomous, has round pupils. Chances are, if one is close enough to actually identify slit or round pupils, you may be too close to the snake.

Thankfully Pastor Swanigan and Mr. Kimble made it out unscathed, unfortunately for the snake, it didn’t. You can watch the entire drama below but just be warned, this following video does show the unfortunate killing of the snake.