New Documentary Wants You To Fight For Space

By Brian Williams | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Fed up by the government’s lack of forward momentum in human space flight? You’re not alone. Ever since the final launch of the space shuttle program, there has been a grass roots effort to take humanity back to space in a meaningful way with everything from letter campaigns and angry editorials, to even a petition to the White House to double NASA’s budget. While commercial space is steadily making strides towards replacing NASA’s main conveyance to the International Space Station, the current direction for human spaceflight beyond Earth’s orbit is ambiguous at best. A new documentary from Paul Hildebrandt titled Fight For Space aims to discover just how America’s vaunted space program got to this point, and where it can go from here.

Fight For Space is currently in the middle of a fund drive on Kickstarter, and is looking at reaching its goal of $65,000 over the next 25 days. As you can probably tell from the trailer, the documentary is already well into production but they are looking for more money to finish what looks to be a really interesting look at the current state of human space flight. So far they have gotten interviews with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the current CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye, and founder of the Mars Society Robert Zubrin (who is always good for a fiery sound bite). The documentary has already received a letter of interest from PBS, so if the fund drive goes well, you can expect to see it on your TV for free sometime after it’s finished.

Here’s a snippet of their interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson…